December 26, 2011

Required Reading | A Roundup for the Holidays

Happy holidays!  I hope you all are having a lovely break!  While you cozy up on the couch and enjoy some downtime have a stressful semester, check out these links I've enjoyed and rounded up in the last month.

Her Campus hits it on the nose with this post.  Text messaging is just not ideal communication for relationships.  I've experienced this the hard way---the bf and I always misread, misunderstand, miss the "tone of voice" a text was meant to be read with.  I'll count myself guilty of two of these text sins.  Numbers 4 and 6... how many are you guilty of?

Author Kate Quinn turned 30!  While I myself (and some of you) may still be a few years away from that big number, I love this post.  Kate compares what life would have been like throughout history for 30-year-old women.  Trust me, you won't fret as much about growing up after reading this historically interesting post.

I'm slightly addicted to stalking posts on The Good Men Project.  (Check it out!  You can read insight, advice, thoughts, etc. from these guys as they tackle modern social issues.)  I like this one because it makes me think about all the people we almost meet in life--that may have been potential friends or love interests--who we end up never seeing again. (I may or may not have became more interested when I discovered upon reading the author Chris' bio that he's an an MFA candidate at my college. Small world, this internet. It makes his story so much more real to know that I might have been in that same lecture hall!  I wasn't the girl with the red paisley handbag though :P)

College Candy contributor Caitlin shares her traumatic experience related to oral contraception.  The last thing I want to do is put a dark cloud over your holiday festivities with the scary side effects of the pill... but chances are you or a friend may be using birth control.  So be informed.  <3

Megan, the lovely writer behind Charade, does it again with her insightful, inspiring posts.  In this post she discusses the "winding road between realism and positivity."  This article really hit home for me, considering where I am in life.  If you're a college student or recent grad, I think you'll appreciate it and relate, too. 

Got the munchies?  Feel like raiding Mom's kitchen?  My friend shares delish recipes on her blog 20 Going on 80.  I helped eat the above treats... so you should whip 'em up and chow down, too!

While I can't even afford the sale and clearance items from their store, I skip giddily for a straight twelve hours whenever I get a new Anthropologie catalog in the mail.  But this parody site, poking fun at Anthro's photos and whimsical captions cracks me up.  It's pure genius.  The best thing since Catalog Living.

Okay... lastly, I have something for you to watch.  This is far too true:



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