January 14, 2012

Bright, Lovely Scandinavian Apartment

Oh, those Scandinavians--masters of spacious white rooms, pops of color, and the perfect mix of eclectic furnishings.  This apartment tour was featured on Freshome. What first caught my eye was the big, beautiful arch window above.  With a cushion, blanket, some books, and a pair of candlesticks... isn't this such a cheerful, cozy, bright space to curl up with a book or just watch the world go by outside?

Wide open spaces and lots of white.  Lots of little details, but no clutter.  I love the color poster, dresses displayed out in the open on a clothes rack, and the sleek console table beneath a big round mirror.

I love the unique, modern bookcase on the wall.  And those pillows add just the right punch of pattern and color.

Ooooh, loving this workspace!  Typography art always steals my heart. 

I'm obsessed with the black deer antler hook on the wall.  And the small black-framed mirror is just perfect for a quick glance on your way out the door!



  1. I have my eyes on the windows! It's the perfect place to read a book or just relax. I remember seeing apartments in richmond ca that looks like this.

  2. Who would have thought that Scandinavian apartments are perfect? I might have my apartments west bloomfield remodeled like this.

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  4. I love your apartment. The white ambiance is truly amazing. Well done on this. thailand real estate

  5. I am green with envy looking at these pictures! You're so lucky to have an apartment like this. I hope I could spot one in Ryan Homes.

  6. Aside from Manila real estate properties, Scandinavia is the next best location to live in. Just look at this perfect apartment.

  7. Your apartment is very compelling. The design and the decorations complement with each other. I would love to have my house which I bought from a thailand real estate company arranged this way as well.

  8. You'll have a hard time looking for an apartment like this one. It's truly amazing and I would love to live there.

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  9. I agree. The uniqueness of the design made this apartment a very enticing one. I would love to add a little color in it to make it more compelling and refreshing.

  10. This is an awesome apartment. The construction looks very professional and the interiors is stunning. Great job whoever is responsible for this.

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