Simplicity in the Bedroom

House Beautiful
It something very difficult for a hoarder collector like myself to say... but sometimes less really is more.  Just in time for many of your New Year's Resolutions to downsize and organize, let's take a peek into some rooms where the "less is more" rule truly does apply.  The word "minimal" once as good as made me queasy. 
While I've warmed up to it a little, I'm not sure if minimal will ever be... me. But for those of you out there who embrace the light, airy minimal look... here's what minimal can be!

Minimal can be young and cosmopolitan with a black and white scheme, classy alarm clock, typography art, and stack of magazines. 

Unknown Source :(
Minimal can be rustic and cozy with a natural wooden floor, fur rug, beige linen bedding, and pop of warm-toned wood.

Minimal can be fresh and feminine with lots of white, cool grays, ruffles, flowers, and a touch of lace.

Minimal can be rich and masculine with charcoal hues, a bearskin rug, natural carpet, and gorgeous old stonework.

Minimal can be clean and youthful with bright white, mismatched pieces, and statement-making artwork.

Minimal can be inviting and eclectic with soft neutrals, deep gray, fur texture, unfussy furnishings and a pop of emerald. 

House of Bliss

Minimal can be industrial and artsy with re-purposed furniture, neutral hues, interest-piquing art, and a little galvanized metal in all the right places.

Minimal can be charming and nautical with whitewashed wood, simple furniture, and the perfect dosage of stripes.



  1. These rooms are totally gorgeous!:)

  2. is it possible for minimalistic to not equal white (or black and white?)

    1. Yes, I do believe decor can be minimalistic without being all white. I'll definitely have to post on this. :) Thanks for the idea!

  3. Omg! Love this. These rooms are so simple, yet so beautiful.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the post! Which room is your fave? :)

  4. These room are absolutely beautiful. The white is all so calming as is the lack of clutter. I don't think that will ever be me; I'm also a collector. I sometimes wish I could emulate this design style though.

    1. Collectors unite! I think we can get away with it while we're young. ...But in twenty years we'll be on hoarders. :S (At least our hoards will probably be totally gorgeous decor stuff though, right?) :P