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Manhattan's debutante Blair Waldorf happens to be my favorite Gossip Girl character.  Her behavior and feelings vary from snobbish to sensitive, but she always (except for a few rare occasions) looks and acts totally pulled together.  Her luxurious bedroom is fit for a queen---and is as pulled together as her preppy fashion ensembles. 

The bedroom is a dreamy mix of sky blue and creamy vanilla.  Her silky bed is plush with blankets and pillows; a bench at the foot keeps magazines and books close at hand.  A big, pale blue oriental rug warms up the hardwood floors.  In the far corner is an elegant chaise lounge and framed photo of Audrey Hepburn, illuminated by a glittering chandelier.

Rich ivory curtains drape over the large windows.  Blair can admire herself in a full-length mirror.  A round ottoman with a tray on top keeps track of candles and other fine necessities.  Near the bed, the gold nightstand is kept clutter-free and classy with a handsome lamp and a couple books.

I love Blair's dresser top.  The oval mirror is curvy and feminine.  Lush pink and pale green blooms freshen up the vignette, which is lit up by a small glass-based lamp.  A framed photo of Blair and Serena graces the left side.  Cosmetics and perfume are neatly scattered across the center.

I love this unique bird's eye perspective of Blair's room.  You can really admire how plush and fit-for-royalty her bed is.  Now let's get down to the details of working her elegant taste into your college space...

Start out with a dramatic black headboard like Blair's---whether it's wood or upholstered doesn't matter... just make sure it's got feminine curves!  A brass-legged side table makes the perfect nightstand, especially with a black-based lamp set on top.  Hang a photo of style icon Audrey Hepburn on your wall, and a chandelier from your ceiling if possible. Since you probably can't paint your walls to match Blair's, bring in that lovely shade of blue with long curtain panels and a floral rug.  Pull a bench up to the foot of your bed to hold mags and books.  Accessorize any basic dresser with an oval mirror, glass lamp, metallic photo frame, mirrored tray, cosmetics, perfume, and lush flowers to get a look similar to Blair's.  Bring in a full-length mirror to check out your outfits.  And bonus points if you can incorporate a graceful chaise lounge into the space.

Blair's room is so posh and pull-together.  Would you rather live in her or Serena's space?


Disclaimer: I'm neither the the set designer nor in touch with the set designer for these television and movie rooms. Unfortunately, I do not know the sources for most of the decor, furniture, etc. These inspiration boards and posts are meant to show a similar look and help guide you in shopping for items that will help you get there. If you really want to know the source of a specific item (for example, where a pair of curtains can be purchased), feel free to leave your question in the comments. If I knew, it would definitely be listed in the post. However, maybe another The Lovely Side reader out there will know!



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