What does your coffee drink say about you?

by Loku.

Here's an infographic for all of us coffee drinkers out there.  Thanks to my love of cafe au laits, I find myself falling into the Europhile category, which I really can't argue with.  Cafe breves aren't on the list... but I'm thinking it wouldn't alter my result much.  Mmmm, coffee!  I want to know what your favorite drink is and what category you fall under! 



Unknown said…
Apparently I'm a businesswoman when I'm out (I love Americanos when I'm on the run), but a snob at home (due to my French press). I don't disagree. :)
Oda said…
Heey Jessica :)
I'm apparently a gossip night owl when i'm out, my favorite drink is caramel machiato with three shots (if that count as an night owl too), but at home i'm a businesswoman, cuz i always drink my coffee black at home :)

I also wanna say that i love ur blog, i just started reading it about a month ago :)
Kim said…
Haha apparently I'm an "Ex-Tea Drinker" Heavy on the milk and sugar!
Unknown said…
Ooooh, lady--I don't know how you do the Americanos. Blech. Haha. But to each coffee drinker their own!
Unknown said…
Thank you, Olga! I'm glad you enjoy the blog! I love hearing from new readers. :D

Mmm, caramel machiatos are delish! 3 shots?! Yes, I'd call you a night owl. (I fall into that category when my schedule allows!)
Unknown said…
Nothing wrong with that! Half-n-half is my MUST-HAVE.