Green with Envy: Dresses

The one thing I love more than a ravishing red dress... a gorgeous green one!
Isn't this woman lovely with her green silk dress and red lipstick?

I immediately fell in love with Cecilia's green dress in the movie Atonement.
" As she pulled it on she approved of the firm caress of the bias cut through the silk of her petticoat, and she felt sleekly impregnable, slippery and secure; it was a mermaid who rose to meet her in her own full-length mirror."   (from Atonement, the novel by Ian McEwan)
Oh my goodness.  This lovely lady got married in this stunning, glistening, embellished, green wedding gown.  Seriously too gorgeous for words.  How magical.

I would love to own and wear this^ little button-down number.

source unknown
Better yet, I'd fancy this^ lush green flapper dress.  *swoon*

Sarah Jessica Parker looks effortlessly chic in this flowy green dress, no?

Yet another beautiful bride walking down the aisle... this time in kelly green.

gone with the wind
And last, but certainly not least... the dress that started it all.  The first time I ever watched Gone with the Wind (at my grandma's house, at about age eight) I absolutely adored Scarlett O'Hara's green velvet dress that she had whipped up from draperies.  Such a creative diy spirit for a Civil War-era Southern belle!  So not only did that movie inspire my unfading love for Rhett Butler, but it also sparked my infatuation for gorgeous green frocks.  



Unknown said...

You're soooo right - I also adore the dress that Cecilia wears in Atonement :) I wish one could wear beautiful dresses like those lovely ones you posted every day. Which one was your favourite then?

Shelby said...

This is such a perfect post for St. Patty's Day! Green looks gorgeous on everyone:)