Olioboard: The New Mid Century Modern

Feeling a little retro, I entered Olioboard's current Mid Century Modern Design Challenge.  The idea was basically to decorate an updated bungalow---incorporating vintage accents with a modern feel.  For my entry, I took my cues from iconic interpretations of Mid Century decor: Mad Men, The Jetsons, Brady Bunch, and Leave It to Beaver.  Then, I translated the dated into modern day.  Real retro pieces mingle with the vintage-inspired---since retro is soo hot these days, it's hard to tell what's old and what's new!  Thrifted finds mix with luxury.  And the tried and truly color schemes of a bygone era (burnt orange, deep turquoise, olive green) breathe new life into an updated bungalow. 

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to move into this place!  The focal point is a fantastic burnt orange and ivory chevron wallpaper in the living room.  A sleek credenza holds a gold lamp, tall vase of flowers, and turntable for listening to those oldies but goodies in a big, comfy blue chair.  Art that displays iconic Mid Century chair design and a typographic poster accent the wall.  I'm swooning over the long, lean, velvet, olive-hued couch front-and-center, especially dressed up with pillows featuring the accent colors.  A modern, slightly industrial coffee table hides books and wire baskets underneath, leaving room for a yellow bowl (and playful kitten!) up on top.  In the background to the left, I created a little office nook.  Vintage posters brighten up a plain white wall, as does a very retro clock.  

I loved throwing industrial accents into the retro mix.  I did so with the wire baskets under the coffee table, the metal lighting, the desk lamp, and the waste basket underneath the desk.  I think a little strategically placed galvanized metal grounds a space.  

My entry currently holds 1st place. :) If you wanna cast a vote, do so here!  If you wanna join in on the competition, go for it!


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