Spring Favor: 9 Beauty Picks


Spring is in the air.  And I'm kicking it off by sharing my springtime beauty essentials.  Here are my top nine loves this season:

1. Coral blush. The perfect balance of tickled pink and peachy keen, a dab of coral blush on the apples of my cheeks just makes me happy... the color works great on fair skin.  You've probably heard all the rage about Maybelline's new Dream Bouncy Blush.  It does feel amazingly cool!  (Kinda like playdough...)  It goes on very light and needs a bit of effort.  I'm no cosmetic expert, but I am an old fashioned brush blush kinda gal.  

2.  Red lipstick.  I'm on a red lip kick.  I've always wanted to wear the bold hue on my lips, but never felt gutzy enough to.  But now that I've found the perfect shade of red for my skin tone, my lips feel naked and colorless without it!  

3. Clinique Happy In Bloom is my go-to springtime fragrance.  I love it.  I swoon when I smell it.  I first bought it a couple years ago when perusing the fragrance counter at a department store.  At the time, I was a broker-than-broke college student between jobs.  I'd go to the store each week, spritzing some of the beloved scent on my wrists and clothes... then smelling myself all day.  You can bet that when I finally got that next paycheck, it went straight toward a tall bottle of In Bloom.  

4. Vanilla is my favorite and I simply must wear it all year round.  Some vanilla fragrances are quite heavy--so those are reserved to cozy up the chilly fall and winter months.  Now that spring and summer are looming, the season calls for something lighter that blends well with blooming fragrances.  Something like Victoria's Secret Vanilla Lace... it reminds me of vanilla ice cream.  

5. I never thought I'd be saying this, but I've found a new perfume that's going to give In Bloom a run for its money.  I recently picked up a small roll-on bottle of America's Next Top Model perfume Dream Come True.  It smells soooo good.  To my nose, it has the same floral notes of In Bloom... but with a little vanilla thrown in there.  Sooo delightful.  I'm happy to have two spring perfumes to go back and forth between now.  

6. I almost always wear black Rimmel Kohl eyeliner.  Usually only on the outter half of my top lid.  It's my fave because it goes on so nicely. 

7. Right now I'm digging very neutral, very light, slightly shimmery eye shadows in creams and beiges to brighten up my eyes and put the spotlight on my red lipstick.  

8. You'll never ever catch me without my mascara.  I won't leave the house without it.  Recently I branched off of my tried-and-true CoverGirl Lash Blast to try Maybelline's PhotoReady Volume mascara.  I give it two thumbs up!  It goes on smooth, makes my lashes long and full, and doesn't clump.  

9. Friday night I got bored, drank too much coffee, and died my hair this bright shade of coppery red.  I've donned the ginger hair before (a couple years ago) and boy does it feel good to be back!  I like that it gives me an excuse/reason to stay fair. ;)


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Anonymous said...

First of all - I love your collage of products, it looks great. Second of all, I'm back to a red head right now as well... and you're right, these decisions usually happen late night. Hope you're enjoying St. Patrick's Day as a ginger :)