Lauren's Happily Inspired 500 Sq. Foot Studio

Lauren's tiny studio apartment is exactly the kind of studio that makes me want one of my own.  I love her choice of colors (the orange, the green, the pops of red!) and her mixing of vintage (chair) with antique (trunk) with contemporary (sofa). 

I love her seating area.  The couch possesses clean, contemporary lines, but its tufted back lends a feminine feel.  The big, rustic trunk is gorgeous and I love that she utilizes it as a coffee table.  Patterned pillows add fun personality.  And that shabby chic white chair is adorable.  I also love the visual interest that is added to the floor with that graphic black-and-white striped rug.

Isn't it cozy? 

Oooh, I spot a Domino book on this desk!  I love finding those kindred spirits. ;)  This sleek black nesting desk pushes into itself to save floor space.  Plus, it looks like the perfect place to sit and blog.  (Lauren's blog is Live. Happy. Inspired.)

Her bathroom probably ranks in my top 10 favorite bathroom ever.  I love all the black and white---especially the chevron.

All photos in this post are from Apartment Therapy's original post featuring Lauren's San Fransisco  House Call.  Check it out here. 



Unknown said...

Jessica, it is so sweet of you to feature my apartment on your blog. I love it too. I have been making a few adjustments since that post and it just keeps getting better! Keep up the great blog.

Anonymous said...

This Studio apartment is amazing. Almost makes me want a Studio. Her bathroom is marvelous. Never thought I would like a black and white bathroom, but she has done this one up lovely!