Tonight: ABC's Titanic

Ok, ok.  I'm jumping aboard (haha, get it?) the rekindled Titanic craze.  But not for seeing Kate and Leo in 3D, lassies.  I've got something else to be giddy about.  Picture this:  Downton Abbey + Titanic.
Ok, maybe that's not so easy to picture.  But you know I absolutely love love love Downton Abbey.  And well, what you don't know is that as a kid I was obsessed with Titanic.  (Didn't we all go through that phase where we checked out all twenty Titanic books from the public library?  You didn't?  Oh... well, anyway...)

Julian Fellowes, mastermind behind my beloved Downton Abbey, has been working on a new project that will hopefully tide me over a little until the Season 3 premier of Downton.  What's he been working on?  A Titanic mini-series television event for ABC!

It airs tonight at 7 pm Central, with the first three parts playing through 10 pm.  Then part four airs tomorrow night at 8 pm Central.  (Tomorrow marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic.)

So who wants to join me?  I'm planning on a margherita pizza all to myself.  Cuddled up in the softest pj's.  And having an all Titanic tweet-fest?  Whatdyasay?  If you wanna join me, you know where I'll be. ;)


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Gentri said...

Trying to convince my roommate to skip the movie night at our friends house so we can watch this!! I want to see it! DOes it air again in case I miss it?