Another Dose of Bedroom Inspiration

Apartment Therapy
Hands down: the bedroom is my favorite room in the house.  So I can't get enough lovely, inspiring spaces.  Like the one above.  Beautiful hardwood floors, a vintage bed, and an over-abundance of creamy white.  The bed is positioned at an angle and away from the wall.  The radiator at left is topped off with planters that add a small punch of color.  The yellow chandelier is sunny and cheerful.  And the pillows are the prettiest shades of crisp apple green.

Better Homes & Gardens
Then we have this beautiful, tranquil space.  The minty pale turquoise hue on the walls is so calming.  I'm head-over-heels for that bed---an antique silhouette modernized by a brushed steel finish.  A black dresser here, a white chest there.  And then a nice mix of blue, white, and green on the bed.    

Oh, gray walls, how I love thee!  Do you see the ever-so-slightly blushing pink tinge to this gray?  Lovely.  While I'm not crazy about the spindly bed-frame, I'm smitten with the reddish coral bedding and floral rug.  The artful arrangement of botanical illustrations is wall decor I can definitely get on board with.  And that minimal, industrial chandelier?  Want.

via Down and Out Chic
Back to basics with this white and beige room.  The built shelves are envy-worthy and accessorized just the right amount.  The billowy cream bedding is gorgeous.  And I love the way the vanilla-hued curtains pool just a little bit on the wooden floor.  This is definitely a comfortable and cottage-y retreat.

Urban Outfitters
This eclectic set up is right up my alley.  I just can't get over how everything is mixed-and-matched to perfection.  Orange peony tapestry + gray and white damask bedding + turquoise floor lamp + traditional nightstand + velvet pillows + tiny plants + stack of books + woodsy art + metal screen... stuff you'd never think to put together.  But it works!  And I love it.

Apartment Therapy
Print overload.  Only a pattern-obsessed individual like myself could handle living and sleeping in this room without getting dizzy.  The bedding reminds me of my own!  Now if only I could find some wallpaper like that...

Apartment Therapy

Finally, but certainly not least--- isn't this lovely?!  The blue is not a color I'd normally think to use, but I love it paired with the goldenrod yellow and crisp white.  Mirror finish nightstands disappear.  And the orange pillow is an unexpected splash of color in a carefully matched room.  Fabulous.


Kelsie said...

I decided that I need a little chandelier like the one in the first bedroom and found this DIY http://www.heygorg.com/2011/09/diy-paint-swatch-chandelier.html in case anyone's interested! It looks really easy. Just make three and hang them at different heights with fishing line or other clear thread! How adorable! :D

plumbing said...

Such a nice rooms. Very great choice of color, as well as the combination of colors were good too. I must say you have made it just right.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever checked out Teddy Duncan's room on the Disney TV show Good Luck Charlie? Her bedroom is amazing, and I think you could get a really good post out of it. Thankss so much!!