Choosing My Blue & Green Hues

So a few days ago, I revealed the color scheme I'd be using in my attic bedroom later this summer.  (Check out the inspiration-laden post here.)  Basically, I'm going to mix turquoise, chartreuse, baby blue, and a little mint green with neutrals like cream and gray.  It will definitely be a major contrast to my current color-explosion of a room.  (To see the color explosion I'm talking about, take a tour of my bedroom.)  I've had a few emails asking how I decided on a color scheme.  Where did I begin?  Where did I find inspiration?  So let's get down to business.

Early on, I decided I wanted to do something totally different.  I've been living with the orange+red+green scheme for about a year now.  Before that, it was pink+orange+blue+green.  While I love those colors and will probably eventually come back to them in one way or another, I also love change.  I love mixing things up.  So I went back to the drawing board. 

One of the first colors I thought of was turquoise.  Turquoise is my favorite color.  When I lived back home with my parents, my bedroom was painted a gorgeous shade of deep teal.  Furniture and accessories were cream, black, gold, and bits of orange.  It was rich, luxurious, and lovely.  And I miss being surrounded by that shade.  (You can see in my current space that I've even snuck turquoise in just because I like it.)  So I decided that in this next bedroom, I'd bring my favorite color back in.

Another major reason behind my color scheme is thinking about what I already own.  I'm not on a budget that's going to allow me to go out and buy a whole bunch of new accessories.  So I'm probably going to spray paint my desk organizer a shade of teal, blue, or green... as well as the metal magazine rack.  The back of my lovely little vintage chair is going to get a nice coat of turquoise paint.  And my super colorful quilt?  It's reversible.  And it's a gorgeous shade of yellow green on the flip-side.

Top Left: See, I already have turquoise glassware.
Top Right: ...And lovely turquoise magazine holders.
Bottom Left: This quilt is solid green when reversed.
Bottom Right: I'll paint turquoise over the red on this chair.

Also, I got to thinking about what I have packed away in boxes back at my parents' house.  

Top Left: I have a small collection of antique turquoise glassware similar to this dish.
Top Right: I have a beautiful, vintage, baby blue and cream typewriter from the 1960s.
Bottom Left: Not to mention, I scored these teal insulators during a recent antiquing trip.
Bottom Right: As well as this mint hand and adorable little blue 1917 book.

It comes down to choosing my favorite color, and taking a good hard look at things I already own that will compliment a color scheme with that color.  I'm really excited to try out a cool, tranquil, marine color scheme.  Oh, and btw... I'm toying with the idea of a few punches of hot pink.  All in the details.  A candle here, a vase of flowers there.  (Every room needs just a little bit of pink, right?)

Btw, the color combo images in the first half of this post are from Design Seeds.  It's a great site for browsing different color schemes to see how hues work together.  (You've probably seen their stuff on Pinterest.)

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College Girl said...

Have you thought about staining the chair a nice cream or gray to go along with the rest of your color scheme? Love the colors. Can't wait to see the finished product!