Got Pallet?

Hello, lovelies.  As I sit here and wait for the red dye to set in my hair, I thought I'd share with you the exciting beginnings of my biggest DIY project to date.  If you read up on 8 Inspiring DIY Pallet Sofas, you may already have a clue as to what these four pallets are doing in my living room.  That's right, I'm making a pallet sofa!

Whilst driving to work a couple days ago, I spotted a nice pile of pallets near the nearby dorm buildings' dumpster.  I slowed waaaay down like a total creeper in Bravie, my SUV.  And what to my wondering eyes did appear?  But some clean, unrotten, lovely pallets just begging to be taken home by a DIY-maven like myself.  

Alas, I was running late to work and not feeling strong.  So I spent the next eight hours at my job daydreaming about those pallets, hoping that they'd be there by nightfall.  I drove back by at night, but still wasn't feeling like a heavy lifter.  So I went to bed and dreamt about the pallets.  (Not really, I had nightmares about bugs but that's a whole 'nother blog post...)

Bright and early the next morning (around 11:30 am... heh) I got up the gumption to load those babies into my Bravie.  It took some might, motivation, and muscle.  But I managed to squeeze all four into the SUV and drive off to work.  Glad I picked 'em up when I did!  It stormed the rest of the day and they would've gotten nasty wet.

So here they are sitting in my living room.  Waiting to be dressed up with a mattress and cushions and pillows and throws and maybe a canopy or chandelier overhead.  Oh yes, oh yes.  I can see it now...

But I gotta go wash this dye outta my hair.  So have a lovely weekend!


  1. wow, those pallets look brand new. congrats on the awesome find.....you always find the perfect stuff at the right time! =) cant wait to see what you do with it. hoping that the unpacking is going smoothly.

  2. that's an amazing find! i can't wait to see what you end up with. :)

  3. What a good way to kill time while hair dying - I can never wait for that time to be up. This looks like it's going to be awesome. And we haven't heard about Girl Next Dorm in a bit, how's that going?

  4. Now I'm excited! I can't wait to see how your project turns out. How lucky are you to find such nice pallets.

  5. I want to do this sooo badly but I'm having trouble finding pallets, what are the dimensions of the ones you found?

  6. I want to see your pallet sofa!! Post it soon please!!


  7. hi
    i cant seem to find the finished sofa, would love to see it