Bed Nook Brainstorming Sesh

Time for an update on how my attic apartment is coming along.  This is my bed nook---hands down my favorite part of the room.  I can't even describe how wonderful it is to sleep in this nook.  The windows are my headboard. At night, I can gaze up at the starry sky through tree branches. In the morning, amazing sunlight pours in.  And I can lay there and admire the big tree in our front yard as I procrastinate getting out of bed.  It's a perfect place to sit with my laptop and write or blog.  And its even better for curling up with a good book.  I've always wanted a bed nook, so I consider myself sooo lucky to have this one! :)

It's quite lovely right now.  My colorful quilt reversed to show off its yellow green, swirly-patterned side.  Bold turquoise pillows.  Gray sheets (underneath) and a super soft gray blanket.  (Yes, I do have a stuffed dog.  It's a toy version of my adorable Adalae back home.  And the yellow ball is a stuffed chick. Haha.)  My paint chip art I created for Do It Yourself magazine perches over my windows.  But the thing is... I want the nook to be even lovelier.  First of all, I'm going to close it off with the vintage drapes I recently scored.

And then... I want to do something really pretty...

Like hang beautiful paper flowers from the peaked ceiling.  

Or globes! Those would match my
turquoise + green color scheme.

Maybe some pretty poufs would do the trick.

Or perhaps I'll turn Caesar and Lenny's
birdcage into a chandelier with candles.

This crafty carousel would be fun to look at.

Some branches (spray painted white?)
would bring some nature into my space.

These ribbon poufs are dreeeeamy!

Or should I stick with the vintage them and 
hang a simple, understated antique chandelier?

Or maybe... just maybe... I'll re-create the Falling Garden art installation.
Wouldn't it be amazing to have a bajillion flowers hanging from my ceiling
with fishing line?  Sooo romantic, whimsical, and fantastical, no?

There are so many more possibilities than I ever imagined! I'm going to have a tough time deciding what to hang from the ceiling of my bed nook.  What do you think?  What's your favorite?


Kim said...

Ooooh I'm jealous!
How about stringing up some white twinkle lights?!

Unknown said...

Wow this looks very cute! :-) can you please answer my email i send you ? i know you get probably lots of emails but it is very important to me.

Anonymous said...

white branches and wrap white twinkle lights around them!

Camille said...

Looks great so far, cute and cozy! :)

amanda @ twoninenine&ever after said...

I LOVE anonymous suggestion! I've seen this done and it looks AWESOME!

Rachel @ lala Lists said...

I love the idea of branches with lights!! do it!!


Marian said...

That nook looks wonderful. :)

Qiko said...

Hi Jessica!

I love your yellow and turquose room! Since you have a window as headboard, why not hang prisms (the kind that hung in chandeliers) that will brake the sunlight into rainbows? I'm actually making something like that out of a bunch of prisms I found in a garage sale. I'm gonna hang them from a dry twisted bamboo crotch that I painted white. Otherwise, I love the white paper floral =)