15 Chairs-Turned-Nightstands

As college students, sometimes we've just gotta "make do."  Yes, it's probably a century-old-truth that poor college students without proper nightstands have been throwing all their junk on a nearby chair.  But there's a fine line between tossing your glasses and textbook onto a random chair... and actually re-purposing a chair as a nightstand.  Because as these 15 masquerading chairs will prove it can be done with a bit more intention and finesse.
 Like #1 above. That little blue beauty has French Country charm written all over it.  The stack of magazines, vintage alarm clock, and vase of fresh flowers sums up what the next 14 examples are all about: creatively using a chair instead of a nightstand... in really lovely ways!

#2 Glamorous 
You might dream of a curvy, feminine bedside table for your glamorous college suite.  But reality imposes that floor space is of the utmost value.  Double duty doesn't have to mean compromising that oh-so-very romantic silhouette you love.  An armless dining chair painted chic white and upholstered in white makes for a perfect spot to stack a few fashion books and vase of pretty peonies.  Just remove the books when you need an extra seat for guests when you're entertaining.  

#3 Masculine
If the French, feminine curves feel a little frou-frou to you or you're just trying to help your boyfriend make his room a little more presentable... a handsome vintage dining chair like this one, outfitted with magazines, books, and a sleek black lamp looks effortless, minimal, and masculine.  (There are chairs like this at most antique and thrifts stores.  Leave the knicked-up wood as is... it contrasts nicely with a plush white bed and pristine surroundings.)

#4 Adorable
An old schoolhouse chair (with a nice large seat!) looks cute with a small tray and accessories arranged upon it.  A tiny pillow adds a splash of color and pattern... and comfort should someone need to pull up a seat.

#5 Eclectic 
I'm a firm believer that sometimes more really is more.  I could go on and on about this room!  The old fireplace mantel used as a headboard.  The hardwood floors.  The books stacked to the ceiling.  It's a lot going on and I love it.  I also love how this wooden chair with its beautiful carving acts as a nightstand.  It's eclectic and interesting.

#6 Minimal 
Okay, okay. Sometimes less is more, too.  Like in this case.  Hello minimal and modern!  A unique, curvy chair with a quirky lamp offsets the bed's sleek, clean lines.  And I'm really digging the airplane art overhead the bed.

#7 Charming
Wish you were waking up in a cottagey bed-and-breakfast spa everyday instead of your dorm room?  Use a chipping, shabby chic chair as your nightstand.  Accessorize it with life's little luxuries: soft blankets rolled up and stuck in a basket, a fancy bottle of water, decadent lotion, and the prettiest flowers you can find.  

#8 Luxe
Perhaps a high end boutique hotel is more your thing.  You can't have it all---the wall-mounted lamp, upholstered headboard, jacuzzi, and fully-stocked mini-bar fridge---but you can opt for an upholstered, tufted armchair on which to stack conversation-starting coffee table books, a small framed photo, and vase of roses.

#9 Casual
For a more laid back vibe, use an oversized wooden chair with a cushion.  Attach a clip-on lamp to the back.  The chair will work great as a bedside table and place to curl up with a good book before calling it a night.  (Can I just say how much I absolutely loooove the Union Jack on the bed?!)  

#10  Beachy
A simple white chair is crisp and cool with a few select books, a sleek metallic lamp, and tiny alarm clock.  Surrounded with white, beige, and sky blue... it also feels very beachy, no?

#11 Vintage
Eclectic, romantic, feminine spaces are my favorite.  This room---with its modern art, industrial wall-mounted lamp, brass headboard, crisp white sheets, floral pillow, and hot pink (possibly Moroccan) bedding---is perfectly suited for a vintage, damask-upholstered chair like this one.  I'm smitten with every detail.

#12 MidCentury
Bring a little retro flair into your modern design scheme with a clean-lined, metal-legged, wood finish chair that echoes MidCentury Modern silhouettes.  A chair like this pairs well practically anywhere---amping up modern tones, balancing out vintage pieces, and tying together an eclectic, mix-and-matched space.

#13 Dreamy
This modern chair (similar to the one above) feels right at home in this light and airy, minimal, slightly eclectic, little bit girly, white space.  Toldja it could work anywhere!

#14 Cheerful
Need some cheer in your drab dorm or apartment?  A cute chair painted sunny yellow truly does work wonders.  A glass vase of just-picked flowers doesn't hurt either. ;)

#15 Girly
I couldn't resist showing this room with all its pink and flowers and frills and gingham and spots and adorableness!  It might be a little overboard for an all-grown up college girl newly out on her own... but I can't help thinking that a pretty chair painted pink would look absolutely lovely in any girls' space.  

So what do you think?  Chairs as nightstands?  Yay or nay??


College Kitten said...

Yay, but I think you should add that students check with their school to check if it's ok. My school doesn't allow you to bring in any new furniture.

Chrystina said...

I don't know that I'd be able to keep a chair clean. I think I'd just feel like I could throw clothes all over it... like I do with every other chair in my room...

Anonymous said...

ahhh love posts like this jessica when you use pics you find online. so very inspiring!

Unknown said...

one of my fave chair-bedside tables is Carrie Bradshaw's (before the movie)

Elizabeth M said...

Hi! I just found your blog through pinterest. I love what I've read so far! I just helped my sister move into her dorm, and she and her roommate discussed how my sister always through her clothes in her chair last year. This year, they've decided she should have two chairs instead. They would probably like this post.

Kimberly said...

It's sad that these chairs look 10x better than the nightstand I just spent $330 on. You guys are awesome at design.

Emily said...

At school I use a tall bar stool as my night stand. I typically put my huge Rothko book on it, right under my lamp. It's just big enough for the lamp and my glasses and I can tuck my books and laptop under it at night.