4 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas (that might already be mostly in your closet!)

Halloween is just around the corner!  If you're like me, you might have more fun creatively pulling together a costume than actually buying one.  (It'll leave you extra bucks for going out, plus homemade costumes tend to look the best!)  Before you think about buying too many extra articles of clothing (even if only from the thrift store), take a good hard look at your closet.  You may have key pieces that are just begging to masquerade as a costume for the night.

Got a trench coat and a mysterious side?  You could be Sherlock!  The lovely red coat you bought last winter and a desire to travel?  Carmen Sandiego!  Some vintage pieces and a hankering for a good mystery?  Nancy Drew would be proud!  Or how about a lot of sleek, black attire and a perfect Meow?  Sounds like a perfect Cat Woman.

Here are four simple costumes that can be re-created using items from your own closet and supplemented by a trip to the thrift shop:


Sherlock Holmes
What you'll need: A dapper pair of trousers. A cute pair of oxfords. A blouse.  (Bonus points if you have a vest!)  A trench coat.  A cap that an English chap might wear.  And, of course, a pipe and magnifying glass!  Recruit a friend or boyfriend to play your Watson.


Carmen Sandiego 
What you'll need: A red coat.  Black skinny jeans or jeggings.  A black top.  Black riding boots.  Black leather gloves.  A red hat.  Other trick-or-treaters'll have a great time trying to pin down where exactly in the world you've been all these years.  Just don't let anyone stay too hot on your trail!


Nancy Drew
What you'll need: A solid color sheath or sweater dress.  A plaid jacket or coat.  A bright scarf.  A pair of vintage-y t-strap heels.  A bucket hat.  And you can't forget a magnifying glass or The Secret of the Old Clock -inspired necklace.  This outfit creates the first Nancy (circa 1920s-30s), but you could always wear a retro frock and pull off the 1960s-era sleuth, too!


Cat Woman
What you'll need: Lots of black! Black skinny jeans or jeggins. (Bonus points for leather!)  Long sleeve, fitted black tee. Riding boots. Elbow-length black leather gloves. Cat ears and a tail.  A black mask.  You'll be on the prowl in this sex-kitten getup!


Tiffany Leigh said...

Love the sherlock holmes look! SO cute. What a fun idea!

Vicky said...

How come I never thought of that !
It's so smart.
I love the Cherlock Holmes outfit :)