Another Bed Nook Update | Winterizing the Nook


I know it seems like I just recently updated my bed nook for fall by turning the quilt to its colorful flip-side and swapping out the paint swatch art above the window.  Well, I made some more changes.  There comes a time when that quilt (as pretty and colorful as it is) just doesn't suffice... even with an abundance of my beloved fuzzy blankets.  So from my closet I retrieved a comforter reserved only for those winter months.  Every time I switch to this damask comforter, I forget how wonderful it is!  It's so soft, so heavy, so luxurious.  I sleep like a princess.

 I covered my turquoise throw pillows with burlap pillow cases... I like how the rustic burlap contrasts with the luxurious velvet of the black damask on the comfort. 

I also brought my little black lamb up onto the bed... isn't he the perfect finishing touch?  There's a story behind him.  When I was little, I loooved the story of The Little Black Sheep.  And my grandma had a stuffed black sheep almost exactly like this one.  Over the years, the poor fella was beyond loved to the point of falling apart.  We're not sure what even happened to him. ...But on a trip home over the summer, I visited a local antique store with my mom and grandma.  Upstairs in the antique toy/children's section, this little black lamb caught my eye!  I'm so happy to have a little black lamb back in my life. ;)

Since I didn't quite like how the colorful paint chips clashed with the neutral bedding and pillows, I needed to come up with some new artwork.  I had several pictures that I could have hung over the windows, but I have this fear of hanging anything heavy over my head.  The paint chip canvases are super light, so they never induced any nightmares of being knocked out in my sleep.  But a trio of flat canvases boards I'd bought in a pack at Wal-mart several months back would do just the trick.  I ended up painted them with chalkboard paint and writing favorite quotes on them.  I love that I can change the quotes or doodle on them to whatever suits my mood.

Cozier than ever at night!


Brittany @ Brittany's Joy Blog said...

I would seriously love a nook. no joke.

Melissa said...

The little lights are an extra winter-y touch :) I wonder if you will one day change up those blinds?

Dani said...

Do you remember where you got this comforter? It's gorgeous and I'd love to find more like it!

Dani said...

Do you remember where you got your comforter? It's gorgeous and I'd love to see more like it! :)