Autumn in My Attic

With the green leaves turning shades of gold, orange, and red... I felt the need to do a little bit of color turning in my own space, swapping out the summery turquoise and lime green for those vibrant hues of fall foliage.  The first place I started?  My bed nook!

 (Left: Bed nook before, Right: Bed nook now)

You may remember my bed nook from before.  Adhering to the yellow-green and turquoise theme of my room, I stuck with the solid side of my reversible quilt and used my teal and green paint swatch canvases overhead.  But before long, I found myself fighting the urge to turn the quilt over.  That is, every time I crawled into bed and got a peek of that lovely floral pattern... I wanted to throw my color scheme to the wind and go back to the flowers that make me incessantly happy.  But I waited for the first signs of fall, and then gave in.  I also swapped out the turquoise swatch for my orange one.  I'll be covering those pillows with my burlap pillowcases as soon as I can locate them. 

I totally didn't plan for my Nancy Drew Kindle cover to match my bedding... it was just a happy accident.  (Or a sign that I'm frequently drawn to the same combination of colors.)

I'm thinking about giving this lovely little shelf a coat of spray paint.  Yellow?  Red?  Copper?  Eggshell?  I can't decide... what do you think?

My favorite part of the bed nook?  My glorious view from the attic!  The windows in my nook face east so I get a lot of beautiful sunshine in the morning.  I've been waiting weeks for the big tree in our front yard to start changing.  It's finally happening!

This is the view staring down at my front yard from the bed nook.  Don't all those leaves look like they're begging to be raked up into a big pile and jumped into?!  I love this little perch.

It's the quirkiness that counts.  This little gray kitten (which resembles my cat Io back home) sits in the corner of my windowsill.  

Another view from one of my other windows.  The house next door is pretty much identical to ours and was probably built around the same time.  So you can kinda get a feel for what the outside of my apartment is like.  My roomie and I occupy the second floor and attic.  The living room, kitchen/dining, bathroom, and her bedroom are all on the second floor.  (It's pretty spacious!)  And then the third floor/attic is my little (well, actually pretty big) hideaway.  

As soon as I do some major fall cleaning, I'll get some more photos up of how my attic is coming along. :)


Camille said...

Your Nancy Drew kindle cover kinda makes me want to get a kindle just so I can get that cover, haha! :) For now I'll stick with the old fashioned actual books though, and dream of getting a kindle... :)

Chelsey said...

I love your bed nook. It is so stinkin' cute!!

Defiant Princess said...

love how cozy and fresh the room looks with a change of bedding :)