Design Your Dream Bedroom | Layla Grace + Olioboard Present Mood Board Contest!

There are many things I can't resist.  To name a few... Spending hours creating rooms and decor boards on Olioboard.  Online window shopping at places like Layla Grace... for brands like Dash & Albert and Pine Cone Hill.  Daydreaming about my dream bedroom.  *sigh* Such irresistible impulses.  So when I found out about Layla Grace teaming up with Olioboard for the Design Your Dream Bedroom contest... you bet I poured myself a cup of coffee, plopped down on my pallet sofa, and got to work dreaming up a beautiful bedroom.

And there's my entry up above! (With me hanging out on the bed, too!)

Interested in entering?  Enter the contest by designing your dream bedroom using items from Layla Grace. The top three winners (chosen exclusively by Rue Magazine's Co-Founder and Editor in Chief Crystal Gentilello) will earn cash prizes of $1,000, $500 and $250. Also, you need to use at least two products from Pine Cone Hill and/or Dash & Albert to be eligible to win.  There are five days left so enter, so hurry on over and create your space!  Or just give my entry a lovely little vote. ;)

More about my dream bedroom:

Using decor from Layla Grace, I wanted to create a sanctuary that was just as eclectic, colorful, and unique as me!  My dream bedroom would be a blank slate, loft space with worn hardwood floors, high ceilings, and big industrial windows. Two fabulous metal and glass pendants illuminate opposite ends of the room. Antique-looking wall sconces also light up the far corners.

I started out by dressing the windows in neutral linen drapes from Pine Cone Hill.  Then I covered the area between the windows with a crisp spherical patterned wallpaper. Creating a mini art gallery of sorts, I hung up an eclectic collection of art: typography, fauna, and a lovely painting. I fell in love with a vibrant striped Dash & Albert rug. The light chartreuse brought the wall painting to life, so I decided to use the rug as my color scheme inspiration. Now to bring in the furniture!

On one end of the space, I angled an elegant poster bed. (Yep, that's me hanging out on it!) I kept it dressed simply in all white bedding and added a peacock-hued throw for a pop of color. Vintage-inspired serving trays hang on the wall behind the bed as art. A lovely little turquoise nightstand hosts a lamp with a mercury glass base, plus a small vase of flowers. A small dresser stores my favorite decor magazines nearby.  On the other side of the bed a dark chest sits under the window. At the foot of the bed are ottomans that add a splash of ripe, juicy pink.

In the center of the room between the windows, I created my creative space.  I can plop down in the French Provincial chair and craft, write, and blog at a large dark desk by light of an industrial, accordion-necked desk lamp.  A memo board and my art gallery overhead keeps me inspired.

At the other end of the room, I couldn't resist pulling in a big, crushed-velvet, tufted, olive green Chesterfield sofa. Brought to life with a colorful assortment of patterned pillows and a nearby cream table and floor lamp, it's the perfect spot to curl up with a good book.  (I keep those books close at hand in the windowsill above. Nearby sits a super pretty, floral printed dresser underneath an antiqued mirror. On top of it sit candles and a lush bouquet of hot pink flowers.

There you have it! My dream bedroom outfitted by Layla Grace. (If this were really my bedroom... I don't think I'd ever leave!)

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SD said...

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