Drop-Dead Lovely Home

In my perusal of Pinterest, shelter magazines, decor blogs, etc... I see a lot of pretty.  But sometimes, a place reaches out from the screen and grabs my heart.  Love at first sight.  Me oh my, this is one of those dwellings!  It is truly an explosion of everything lovely.  And it belongs to Tam: designer, photo stylist, blogger behind Nest Decorating, and creator of Nest Pretty Things.  Her home in Vermont just might be the prettiest thing I've ever seen. 

Her living room is what hooked me.  The hot pink wall in the background, the abundance of patterns, that beautiful gray slipcover on the sofa, the mixing and matching of furniture styles, that green and cream patterned chair... she's got some seriously lovely taste.

I'm smitten with the coffee table and the stacks of books that reside underneath it.  Also, the floor-to-ceiling bookshelf stuffed full of books just makes me happy!

There are vintage floral patterns sprinkled all over the house.  In their prettiness and variety, the different prints mix together perfectly.

She covered one of her sliding closet doors with square pieces of vintage floral wallpaper.  I'm swooning.  (You could totally borrow this idea and cover your dorm wardrobe or closet door with square pieces of scrapbook paper!)

What I love most about the kitchen is the open shelving... it allows her to really show off her charming collection of crisp white and colorful dishware and vintage pieces.

Peonies in vintage glass bottles, including a milk bottle?!  So beautiful.

The organization in her studio is stunning. 

And what a lovely space to create!

These photos all belong to Tam over at Nest Decorating & Design... but they're only the beginning!  Head over to her blog to check out more photos of her lovely home and life.  

Oh! And I must mention to that she has an Etsy shop.  So if you're wanting to purchase a bit of her trademark lovely style for yourself, you can in the form of colorful, floral jewelry.  Seriously... I felt like a kid in a candy shop when I was browsing her Etsy store Nest Pretty Things.  

These are just a few things I went a little ga-ga over in her shop:

What's your favorite room in Tam's house?
And which of her shop items steals your heart?


Marian said...

Wow! That is a seriously gorgeous home. I like that there is lots of color, but it's not super bright. What a cool place. :)

Anonymous said...

I love, love , love this home! : D wow.

Richard C. Lambert said...

This blouse. I've had plans to make an official pattern for that top since I first made it. I even bought fabric (years ago) for the job, as encouragement. Ha. In cleaning out my sewing room this weekend, I found a partial pattern of the blouse--just the back--and I decided it was time to knock that project off the list. Time to break out the pattern drafting tools and my sloper!bridgett

Shannon A. Lujan said...

oh, that's really a beautiful house with a lot of different colors. I want to buy a house like that.

Adelina F. Thomas said...

That is a gorgeous home. For me, design is the means. The starting points are goals, strategies and expectations, but it transcends them to create a new and better reality.

Tom Bradly said...

I showed my daughter this post and she loved it! Now, the bad part is she's asking me to convert her studio apartment into something close to this. Sigh.

BestHomeManual said...

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Cristensen said...

Hi Jessica Hansen,

Your blog seems to me like a dream home. And the blog post is so clean and lovely. The cursive style wording, colorful and beautiful images make it a dreamland, no doubt.

Thanks for such a blog post.

Perez said...

Wow...that was an amazing post. Love the idea where the best arts are mashed up. Hope one day I will decorate my home like that. I am a DIY lover and I would love to organize all the decor like that. I along with my handy tools are waiting for it

Steve Jefferson said...

Wow! That is a gorgeous home! Great idea! I'll make something similar in my home.

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