Garlicky Goodness | 4-Ingredient Garlic Chips

So you know those fancy little garlic chip things that are often served as appetizers at parties and such?  The thin, rounded, sliced-to-perfection pieces of French baguette covered in garlicky goodness?  Basically... crispy garlic bread?  Well, sometimes I just get a craving for them.  So I went on a kitchen mission to re-create the garlic chips I was craving.

I took three slices of regular sandwich bread from the freezer.  (I keep my bread there because I can never get through a full loaf without it molding over on me.)  I didn't defrost or anything like I'd normally do for a PB&J.  Instead, I cut the three pieces of bread into quarters.  With the oven pre-heating to 400-degrees, I buttered both sides of the bread pieces.  Then I dabbed a bit of garlic (from a squeezy tube) onto each piece.  (Just a bit though... a little does for me when it comes to garlic.)  I also sprinkled all the pieces with basil and oregano.  

On a cookie sheet covered with tin foil. (Don't skip the tin foil! Your pieces will stick!  I know this because one piece edged off the foil and got stuck to the pan!)  So anyway... I baked 'em on the tin foiled covered cookie sheet at 400-degrees for four minutes.  Then I flopped them all over and baked another four-ish minutes, checking every minute or so for prime crispiness by reaching into the oven with the handle of a wooden spoon.  

Garlic hankering vanquished.  These are soooo good.  Quite addictive.  And maybe sometime when I'm heading to a party and feeling fancy, I'll do the same thing with fancy French baguette bread and have everyone ooh-and-ahh over my garlicky sorcery.  Seriously.  Soooo delish.

Ingredient rundown: bread, butter, garlic, herbs (I went with basil and oregano)

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Defiant Princess said...

I remember eating this once and loving it. then I simply forgot to ask my friend for the recipe.. thanks for sharing! :)