Answer: Poison Ivy | Guess My Halloween Costume!

The big reveal^.  I'm quite happy with how it turned out. :)

Harlie Walkup guessed correctly first... and quickly, too!

I did this last year in preparation for dressing up as Medusa... and it was so much fun (Who doesn't love a good guessing game?) that I decided to give it another go this Halloween.  As I've mentioned in one post, I will be masquerading as My Little Pony Rarity on Halloween night.  So forget about that costume.  ...I have something else up my sleeve for this coming weekend's festivities with friends.  Each day (starting today) I will post two clues until the big reveal on Saturday night. As soon as you think you've got me pinned, leave a comment with your guess.  I won't be publishing comments until the reveal.  Don't want to spoil it if some smarty pants guesses correctly right away! :P 

Since this is so last notice, I don't have any actual prize in store.  :(  ...But I'll be sure to give the winner and their blog a special, spooky shout-out! 

Okay.  So... on with the show!

Clue #1
She's a Seattle native.

 Clue #2
She studied advanced botanic
biochemistry in college.

 Clue #3
If you called her a tree-hugger,
she'd take it as a compliment.

Clue #4
    In her early years, she idolized Bettie Page.
She drew inspiration from Bettie's hair
and even took up her Southern drawl.

 Clue #5
    She smells dang good! Like seriously.
Her pheromones can control the minds of men.

Clue #6
Her best friend isn't just someone she jests
around with... they're partners in crime, too.

 Clue #7
Her first kiss kills. Her second kiss
is its antidote. (Just ask Bruce.)

Clue #8
    This villain is one of Batman's primary enemies.

Guesses, anyone?


  1. Meredith Grey from Grey's Anatomy!

  2. My first guess is Dr Addison Montgomy Shepherd, Grey's Anatomy!!!

  3. Poison Ivy from the Batman comics?! :D

  4. Also, sorry if that got sent more than once...My internet has been funky!

  5. POISON IVY <3

  6. Poison Ivy??? What a great idea, perfect for your hair colour!

  7. Poison Ivy?? What a neat idea! And perfect for your hair colour!

  8. Oooh! Poison Ivy!

  9. Oooh! Poison Ivy!

  10. Oooh, Poison Ivy!

  11. Poison Ivy! Great pick; your hair will work perfectly for this.

  12. I think I have the answer: Poison Ivy ? :)
    By the way it's my first comment on your blog and I absolutely love it ! love from France

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  14. You're poison ivy! I love batman so I had a hunch... Happy halloween! :)
    P.S. LOVE this blog!

  15. Pamela Isley aka Poison Ivy!

  16. Are you going as poison Ivy? :)
    that would be amazing

  17. Dr. Pamela Lillian Rose or Poison Ivy!! :D

  18. I have no idea why my response posted a billion times. Point and laugh, kids. Point and laugh.