Lovely Undergrad is a'Tumblin'

Yep, you read that right!  Lovely Undergrad is a'Tumblin'.  (And I don't mean in a bad way!)  Once upon a time, LU operated a lovely tumblog for your visual pleasure.  Then, it sadly fell to the wayside.  But it's back!  Today, the Lovely Undergrad tumblog has been re-freshed and re-launched.  What will you find there?  Well, links to daily blog posts from here obvi.  But you'll also get a heavy dose of stuff that might not make it to the blog or shorties that don't quite stack up to compose a real blog post.  

Plus, since many of you are dying to see how lovely quirky my life really is... the tumblog will be spattered with plenty of pics of, well... me!  (Hence, Rudolf the Red-nose Reindeer and creamy coffee in a white mug being one of my favorite simple pleasures.)   Plus, I'll share stuff I'm really smitten with... like the song Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men.  (Though you won't be lucky enough to hear me sing it, I'm sorry to say!)

So follow LU on Tumblr, yo!  Catch links to daily content and get exclusive access to special, never-before-seen nonsense. Can't wait to see your lovely faces there, dearies! xoxo

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