My Little Pony | 6 Magical Costumes Ideas for Halloween

Need a last-minute, fun, colorful costume idea for you and a few friends?  Look no further than My Little Pony.  I don't know about you, but I was obsessed with the ponies when I was little.  So I'm delighted to see they're making a comeback.  Depending on your personality or what is already in your closet, pony costumes are a cinch to pull off!  All you'll really need to invest in is some diy pony ears + tail and a wig or temporary hair color.   I'm actually masquerading as Rarity on Halloween night!  (I took a My Little Pony personality test to find out which pony best suited me. Haha.)  What pony would you be?

"Pinkie Pie is a free spirit who prances to the beat of her own drum. Actually, she prances to the sound of her own singing. She's playful and full of energy. She can talk till the ponies come home. She loves to invent silly songs, giggle, skip, and make her friends laugh."

"Graceful Fluttershy has a special way with forest animals. Her favorite thing is to care for them in her quiet meadow cottage. That's because Fluttershy is, well ... shy. She's sweet, soft-spoken, and kind of a scaredy-pony. Her friends love her for her kindness, and they work hard to bring her out of her shell."

"For a unicorn who's new to the magic of friendship, Twilight Sparkle gets an 'A+.' She uses her magical powers to help her friends, and she's always ready to lend a helping hoof. Sometimes she gets on her high horse, but her love for her pals makes her a natural leader."

"With her gleaming white coat and royal purple curls, Rarity is the most beautiful unicorn in Ponyville. And she knows it. After all, heads turn when she prances down the street. A talented fashion designer, Rarity loves to give the other ponies makeovers, and her dream is to design for Princess Celestia."

"Applejack is a country pony who grew up on her family's apple farm. She's down to earth and dependable, and she's not afraid to get her hooves dirty. To her, any job can be done with a little horse sense and hard work. Applejack has a knack for figuring out how to fix a problem -- fast!"

"Rainbow Dash lives for adventure! Whenever there's a problem that involves danger, distant lands, and mysterious beasts, she's the first to help. She's bold. She's brave. She's also a bit proud and mischievous -- but wouldn't you be too if you were the fastest Pegasus around?"

(All descriptions via My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic website.)

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Xander Lawson said...

I shouldn't have showed this to the wife. Now she's bugging me about getting adult costumes versions of those.