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For me, fashion translates into interior design... and vice versa.  I dress similarly to how I decorate.  When flipping through fashion magazines, textures and color palettes inspire vignettes and whole rooms.  And beautiful rooms can be re-created as cute ensembles.  If you're having trouble figuring how to decorate your dorm or apartment, think about what you wear.  What's your go-to outfit?  What's your favorite thing to wear on a night out on the town or during day-to-day activities?  Seeking inspiration from your closet will help you in creating a space that not only reflects your personal style, but also sets an atmosphere that you're totally comfortable with.

To illustrate how fashion can inspire decor, I'll be posting a series of examples that feature 1) An outfit both stylish and comfortable, and 2) A decor board with furniture and accessories inspired by that outfit.  Today I'm starting off with a look I'm going to call Neutral Industrial Chic.

Neutral Industrial Chic in fashion is a modern look that incorporates a range of neutrals,  masculine undertones, and just-glam-enough accents.  Pairing blacks, grays, browns, beiges, and whites is somewhat unexpected... but when evenly distributed, looks pulled together and trendy.  For instance, black skinny jeans tucked into worn brown riding boots with gray socks peeking out over the tops of the boots.  A loose white tee layered over a gray tank, all underneath a caramel cardigan.  A black-and-cream houndstooth scarf adds a pop of classic pattern that doesn't overwhelm the simplicity of the ensemble.  A bold boyfriend watch balanced out with simple jewelry such as gold hoops and a pearl ring bring in a bit of understated glitz. 

In translating the outfit to decor, focus on recreating the same colors and textures.  A modern, charcoal sofa emulates the streamlined silhouette of black skinny jeans.  A weathered leather chair mimics the riding boots.  Flowy white curtains stand in for the layered tee and tank.  A black-and-cream rug in a repetitive pattern is reminiscent of the houndstooth scarf.  Accessories are clean, modern, and a bit masculine---black and white photography, typography, and scientific.  Natural textures like a cotton blanket, wicker basket, and burlap pillow soften the hard lines.  And brushed brass lamps add that slightly glamorous gleam of gold. 

What do you think?  Have you ever looked in the mirror at your outfit for inspiration to decorate your dorm?  Or have you looked at a room you absolutely love and then went to your closet to figure out how to emulate the style?

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Anonymous said...

I have been looking for that gold globe chandelier that you have in the Industrial Chic decorating picture. Where is it from?