Sunday Evening Post | Cheers to a Splendid Weekend


I had a seriously lovely weekend.  On Friday enjoyed a cozy little downtown coffee shop.  (That's it up above.)  This place has one of the coziest atmospheres in town and the decor is beautiful.  You can't see it in this photo and I couldn't find any photos that do show it... but along one wall little table nooks are created by antique doors suspended from the ceiling as dividers.  The walls are a deep plum color.  It's the perfect place to write while sipping a pumpkin flavored coffee.  After the coffee, I met up with a couple girlfriends to get their costumes ready.

Then on Saturday a friend and I went to dinner at a restaurant I'd never been to but had heard friends rave about all the time.  It was worth the 30 minute wait.  The place is gorgeous!  Exposed brick on the walls and floor.  Unique track lighting.  Beautiful light fixtures.  We got seated in a cozy little booth lit by a little lamp that put off a candlelight-like glow.  And the food!  The food was amazing.  I went with a curry noodle bowl topped with chicken.  So delish.  

After dinner, we hit up the grocery store to grab a couple pumpkins.  They told us just to take as many as we wanted---at no charge!  We went back to my place and got to work carving with Mumford and Sons, Radiohead, Of Monsters and Men, Damien Rice, and A Fine Frenzy playing in the background.

Here they are with the lights out and candles lit!  His, on the left, is Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Mine's on the right.  It's supposed to be an owl. Carving it was a "hoot!"  ;)

Later on I slipped into my Poison Ivy costume and hit the town with friends.  It was definitely a good time but crazy busy.  Halloween and Homecoming always seem to fall on the same weekend here. 

 I love dressing up in costume.  ...But it always feels good to strip down, throw it all into a pile on the floor, and put on comfy pajamas.  :)

On Wednesday I'm hosting a Halloween shindig with friends, so Poison Ivy will make one more appearance.  And then it's NaNoWriMo time!


Jes said...

Your costume turned out really good!!!

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