What I Wore | 10.29.12

Since I always enjoy seeing what other bloggers wear through photographs of themselves, I've decided to start doing the same.  I often post about what I wore as a Polyvore set, but from here forward I'm on the mission to start taking actual pictures of me in those clothes.  So you can see how it works on a real girl... me!  Today I met a friend on campus for coffee and some computer lab time. (Sometimes it just feels good to leave my little laptop at home and spend some quality time with the giant, shiny white screen of a Mac. Heheh.) 

(These aren't the exact things/brands I wore, but very similar items.)

I wore dark blue skinny jeans and a gray camisole under a red-and-cream flannel shirt with a taupey brown 3/4 sleeve boyfriend cardigan layered over it all.  I cinched the waist with a gray belt and threw on a long red scarf to keep nice and toasty.  I finished off with the riding boots that I spray painted brown.  And those gray boot socks peeking over the boots?  Those are actually the sleeves cut off of an old cardigan I wore out.  I also wore silver earrings and carried a slouchy, olive green tote.

As far as makeup went, I went light and natural today.  (I think that heavy Poison Ivy had me all cosmetic'd out.)  Foundation.  A rusty-rosy blush.  Barely there ivory eyeshadow.  A bit of black eyeliner.  And natural, nothing-too-dramatic mascara.  I pulled my hair back into a simple, messy bun just because I didn't feel like dealing with it. Haha.

It was such a cute and comfy outfit!  Plus, it was just warm enough today that these layers kept me toasty on my walk to and around campus.  Gotta love fall layers and flannel!  And hey!  I got flirted with while adding cream and sugar to my coffee at the library cafe... so this outfit musta been doing something right. ;)


The Ranchers Daughter said...

You are so adorable! Love love love your blog! I just found it tonight and I'm so glad I did! Congratulations on all of your successes.

The Rancher's Daughter

Jess said...

You look lovely :)

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