Literary Lusts Wishlist

You know I can't resist a good literary-inspired, well... anything.
Here are some wordy things that are making me swoon as of late.   

Etsy; Storiarts, $42

Amara; Paddywax, $35 

Barnes & Noble, $25

Catbird, $96

Etsy; meandmy3boys, $15

Kate Spade, $325

Which is your favorite?  I think I want the scarf most!


amanda @ twoninenine&ever after said...

I've had that scarf in my favs for a while!!! Love it!!

Caramel Latte Kiss said...

LOVE the tote bag, that's hilarious

Lauren from Nottingham, UK said...

Hi Jessica,

I've been reading your blog for a while but I've never commented before.

Anyway, as a keen DIY-er like myself I wasn't sure if you'd seen this: http://www.scarves.net/blog/diy-printed-scarf
It might be a cool way to get a Jane Eyre scarf, but with your favourite quote. :) I made one for a friend once, and now she uses it for wall art.

Sorry for the random suggestion. Keep up with great writing!

Little Lady said...

OMW over that Kate Spade clutch!!!!! I'm in LOVE!