Salvaged Materials + Eclectic Decor + Industrial Setting = Decor Love

It's kind of a dream of mine to live in a warehouse/old building converted into a loft-like home surrounded by exposed brick, industrial materials, salvaged surfaces, and lots of rescued character.  So when I saw this post on Apartment Therapy about the Cisco Brothers at High Point Market Fall 2012... I about keeled over because of pure, unadulterated lust for this space.  I want those circus-y letters!  And every light fixutre.  And those windows!

Bright colors and worn wooden surfaces harmonize in this
cozy setting while glass pendant lights glitter overhead. 

Must track down the materials and diy one of these ottomans. 

The way the big, white, billowy bedding and upholstered gray headboards contrast with the salvaged material of the wall makes me absolutely swoon.  It's the perfect balance of airy femininity and rugged masculinity all in one place.

So that wall behind the couch... Love it.  Except rather than store shoes on the ledges, I'd totally fill that thing with art in ornate, gilded frames.  And books.  Lots of front-facing books.

Check out the original post about the Cisco Brothers over at Apartment Therapy. ;)

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