What I Wore | 10.30.12

Not only am I bad at remembering to take a picture of "What I Wore" for this new series, I guess I'm also pretty bad at posting it on the correct day when I do take a photo!  This is what I wore this past Tuesday for caramel apple making night. :) (Try to ignore the terrible photo quality. I had little no lighting in my attic that day...) It was another experiment in layers.  I started with a summery white lace dress that I just can't bear to put away for the cold months quite yet.  I layered a shades-of-turquoise flannel tunic over the dress to warm it up.  I really liked how the lace peeked out from underneath!  I belted the waist of the tunic with a simple brown belt.  I kept my legs warm with brown tights, turquoise knee socks, and my spray painted brown riding boots.  (Oh, those "knee socks" are also the sleeves cut off of an old, worn out sweater.  Thank you, Pinterest.)  For jewelry, I wore a few strands of beads and a skeleton key necklace, plus a simple pearl ring.  I carried my trusty olive green tote.

And here^ it is recreated with similar items.  It was cozy, comfy, and definitely something I'd wear again. :)

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