Reader Question: What's your foundation/skincare routine?

Lovely reader Renee emailed me a compliment and a question:

"Your skin looks so smooth! What is your foundation/skincare routine?"

First of... Thank you!  And as far as my foundation/skincare routine goes... well, it's quite minimalist.  I have very sensitive skin and discovered back in junior high school that most facial cleansers and creams irritated my skin.  Trying product after product, I'd go between very oily skin or extremely dry.  I remember trying one facial cleanser that caused my skin to dry up into scales that very night.  I convinced my mom to call in sick to school for me the next day. ;)  

The few blemishes that I did have in junior high cleared up in high school, but I still struggled with patches of dry, flaky skin. I experimented a lot with different products and foundations... discovering some that worked okay and many that didn't make the cut at all.

It wasn't until I graduated high school that I finally found out what works for my skin.  As far as skincare goes... Dove soap.  Specifically the unscented bar for sensitive skin.  This stuff is a godsend.  Especially since as I've grown up, my skin sensitivity and eczema have increased.  Dove is gentle, feels clean, and doesn't leave my skin stripped of moisture of overloaded with residue.  I love it.  I use it not only on my face, but also allover.  Occasionally, I will switch up my routine and use a natural goats' milk soap instead of Dove.  

The foundation I owe to my grandma---of all people! :)  One day she passed on a foundation to me that she'd tried and hadn't cared for: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind foundation.  I was doubtful since it included "age rewind" in the name.  After all, I was only 18ish and wasn't looking for anti-aging stuff as much as I was longing for a good foundation.  Well, I've been using the foundation ever since that day.  It's inexpensive, but that's not why I love it.  (I've experimented with cheaper and pricier brands and still come back to this.)  It just works for my skin.  A match made in foundation heaven.  It blends well and I like the creaminess... but I've also come to love that it's infused with spf.  

Also, I learned that staying out of the sun and applying sun-protection truly saves my skin!  My complexion has definitely improved since embracing fair-ness and forgoing tanning. :)

So that's really it!  Dove soap and Age Rewind foundation are my tried-and-true skincare and foundation routine.  Plus sun-hats and sunscreen.

Anyone else used either of these?  Any other suggestions out there?


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the post!
I've definitely seen the Instant Age Rewind foundation, but was unsure of the quality, so I'll try it out one day :)

Nikoline said...

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