Music Spotlight: Snowmine

 As much as I listen to music and talk about it, I'm new to concerts and even newer to writing about music.  So I'm venturing into mostly uncharted territory with this post (and others to come).  As I'm sure many of you can relate, music highlights the moments in my life.  Sounds and lyrics inspire my writing, energize me as I get around for a night out, remind me of the past, and make little moments in life unforgettable for the future.  I won't masquerade as an experienced music blogger, but I really want to incorporate more music on this blog.  I want to share some of the artists that play as the soundtrack to my life.  And I'm kicking it off with Snowmine, since I had the pleasure of enjoying them play at an intimate venue Friday night.

Sometime late last summer, I stumbled upon Snowmine.  I was hooked.  First and foremost, Grayson Sanders' vocals made me swoon.  (Voices get me every time.)  Throw in the talent of drummer Alex Beckmann, bassist Jay Goodman, and guitarists Austin Mendenhall and Calvia Pia... and you get the multifaceted, eclectic sound that is Snowmine. The icing on the cupcake was that the band would be playing in January at The M-Shop, a venue located on my college campus and conveniently a few blocks from my apartment.  So you know I had to get tickets.  The trouble was finding someone to go with!  Most of my friends don't share my taste in music.  Luckily my friend rose to the occasion and I didn't have to go at it alone.  (I was totally prepared to attend solo!)

Sometimes the bands I love most are the most difficult to describe.  And since I don't have a blossoming musical vocabulary, all I can really do is throw words out there.  Eclectic.  Rich.  Layered.  Quiet, almost sweet melodies.  Explosions of energy.  Electric.  Acoustic.  Tribal beats.  Classical bits.  Indie.  Pop.  Haunting.  Beautiful.  Surprising turns.  

I'd listened to Snowmine a lot for the last few months (and endlessly this last month or so as the concert approached).  Standing less than 10 feet from them as they played and sang and created the eclectic, beautiful music I've come to love... it was mind-blowing and totally captivating!  Their music and Grayson Sanders' voice are even better live.  The best thing about the concert happening at an intimate venue with a small crowd?  Before the show, I unknowingly stood at the bar next to the drummer.  And after the show, it was super easy and not all intimidating to approach the guys, shake their hands, and snag a picture.  (I'm really rooting for these guys to make it big!)

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And let me know what you think!  Leave a comment on this post telling me what you think of their sound or which song is your favorite. :)

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Dreamy sound! Like! :)