January 7, 2013

Rings on Every Finger

I've adored big rings for as long as I can remember.  My grandma would give me fabulous pieces of costume jewelry.  And I remember an English teacher commenting on my "gaudy" rings back in high school.  The obsession has only grown in recent years... I LOVE wearing a ring on every finger.  Grandma's passed-down costume jewelry, antique store treasures, thrift shop finds.

Hey Hey Haleigh and I found a bunch of rings in all their vintage, gaudy glory at a local shop called Tangerine Zebra.  Of course, I had to try them all on for her to snap a pic!  And you can also bet I didn't get out of the store without buying one.  (I bought the big jade one on my middle finger.) 

And I found these three beauties (and that cute little watch) at a hometown antique store over Thanksgiving weekend.  They were cheap treasures, too, for just a few bucks a piece---gotta love a bargain!

Rings are my favorite accessory.  The only problem is that I've accrued such a collection that I don't have enough fingers to display them all on a daily basis!

...And I'm not the only one!

One of my favorite ladies and admired style icons, Florence Welch shows hers off (along with a birdcage tattoo) above.  

Too much?  Never!  I love the gypsy look!

What's your favorite accessory?  And do you prefer one key piece that gets all the attention?  ...Or do you overload in excess like I do with rings?  ;)

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