My 9 Favorite Small Space Solutions from Small Cool 2013's Teeny Tiny and Tiny Entries

Artful gallery wall. Kacey's DIY Decor
My favorite time of year in the blogosphere is Apartment Therapy's Small Cool Contest.  I was really hoping to be moved into a place in time enough time to enter this year, but I supposed there's always next year... My favorite entries are the Teeny Tiny and Tiny spaces because the dwellers have to get uber creative.  I've rounded up my 9 favorite small space solutions from Small Cool 2013.  (In no particular order.)

Above, Kacey makes a big, bold statement by jam-packing a wall with art, maps, and more framed in an eclectic mix of dark frames.  I love having something interesting to look at!

Angled furniture arrangement. Emily's Brownstone Studio
Furniture doesn't have to shoved up flush against the wall in tiny space.  I love how Emily played with angles in positioning much of the furniture in her studio.

Behind-the-curtains bookcase headboard. Caitlin's Treetop Daydreams
If I didn't have a phobia about things falling from shelves onto my head while sleeping, I would totally recreate this curtained, bookcase headboard.  Instead, I'll just admire from a safe distance. ;)

Ghost coffee table. Alexander's Small Space, Big Challenges
Aaahhh, ghost furniture.  The sleek transparency gives the illusion that the coffee table doesn't take up any floor space at all.  

Fireplace turned bookcase.  Jennifer's Exposed Brick Studio
I adore the idea of turning a non-usable fireplace into book storage.

Creative dining space. Joy's Less is Definitely More
Not all floorplans allow for a standalone table and chairs.  This tiny dining space is out of the way, but doesn't feel cramped or isolated. 

Above cabinet storage space. Luz's Lucky Location
That space above the cabinets?  Oh yea!  It's oft-forgotten, or even more often... used to store unsightly blender, toaster, and mixer boxes.  (C'mon, I know I'm not the only guilty one.)  From henceforth, I shall only store pretty things up there - and in an organized manner, too.

Mirrored doors and furniture. Leslie's Enchanting Sunlight
Here's a great example displaying how mirrors really do enlarge and open up a small space.

Vertical utensil storage on the wall. Xsusha's Creative Small Thinking
And lastly, I love the pots, pans, and utensils hung on rods across the kitchen walls.  It saves on space and keeps 'em within easy reach.

Vote for your favorite Small Cool 2013 spaces now!  (All photos in this post are from Apartment Therapy.)

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