Summertime Craft Beer Fest | What to Wear

Happy summertime, lovelies! Today is the first official day of summer... and it's finally starting to feel like it here in Iowa with that glorious humidity and 90-degree weather. I'll be enjoying that sultry weather on Saturday when the bf and I trek to Des Moines for the Iowa Craft Brew Festival. I'm. So. Very. Excited! You see, I'm quite the beer aficionado. I'm a darker beer lover at heart, but I'm dipping my toes (errr, uh... tastebuds) into IPAs lately. This should be an especially fun date.

I poured myself a Summit Saga, purchased the tickets, and then it hit me... What am I going to wear?! This called for an impromptu, bargain shopping trip. I was going to hit up Target for an adorable denim/striped/seersucker sorta sundress (above) that ran about $25. I'd had my eye on it. I'd also been to Target almost every other day after work because I'm unhealthily addicted the clearance markdowns. 

Anyway, I decided to branch off this evening. Instead, I hit up JCPenney. I used to work at good ol' JCP back in the day, so I figured I could probably score a cute little dress for under $10. Boy, was I right. I happened across nearly the exact same dress as my Target object of desire... except on clearance for only $5. That's right. $25 at Target is cheap enough... but $4.97?! Score! So I treated myself by "splurging" on a $10 pair of tortoise shell wayfarer sunglasses. And together, the dress and shades inspired this post.

Since I'll be trotting around in the June heat for three hours, I'll wear my trusty go-to pair of brown gladiator sandals. I've had them for years and I refuse to believe that my gladiators will ever go out of style... or even if they do, that I'll ever want to stop wearing them. (They make me feel a little ancient Roman. And I like it.) I'll probably add a pop of color with a yellow belt. And I'll definitely be donning my vintage, hand-tooled leather purse since it also can be worn cross-body.  

Beyond that, I'll be smearing the sunscreen on this fair skin. (Seriously, I don't tan. I burn to a crisp and fade back to pale white. So lots of sunscreen for me... protection from future wrinkles and skin cancer.) I'll keep most of my makeup simple, focusing on some lovely mascara. And then I'll probably end up wearing my favorite Revlon Colorstay lipstick... just to see how many of the 100's of (responsible!) beer samplings it'll last through.

I'm also hoping to come across some cute little address books that I can turn into beer tasting journals for the bf and me. We could organize the beers we try alphabetically by brewery and leave little notes or stars depending on how well we like it.

Have you ever gone to a beer fest? What would you wear? :)

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