Style Cure Day 1 | Interview: Eclectic, Vintage, Feminine

I've been living in my apartment for a while now, but due to weekend travels and other things I haven't quite settled in. Stuff remains unpacked in boxes. Stuff is scattered throughout the space. So in order to give myself added motivation to whip my apartment into blog-worthy shape, I'm taking part in Apartment Therapy's August Style Cure!  If you have a neglected room in your apartment or have just moved in but have yet to decorate (like me), you should definitely join in! I've never done the Style Cure before, but I'm feeling optimistic that it'll give me the boost needed to decorate my place... and blog about it all along the way.  I'm using the Style Cure to decorate my bedroom! (Bedroom pictured above and below.)

On Day 1 of the Style Cure, you take a simple survey. So I'm sharing my Style Cure Survey answers. :)

1. List your favorites in each category:

Actor - James Franco (especially studly in Flyboys and Tristan + Isolde)

Actress - Rose Byrne (specifically in Marie Antoinette!)

Writer - I love the prose of F. Scott Fiztgerald, the poetry of Yeats, the spunkiness of Carolyn Keene's Nancy Drew, and the narratives of George R.R. Martin.

Music - Ramona Falls, Horse Feathers, Bastille, Lana Del Ray. Lots of indie and folky stuff.

Restaurant - Any place with a great craft beer selection. ;)

Automobile - A turquoise and cream '57 Chevy, please.

Movie/TV Show - Gone with the Wind, Marie Antoinette, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones.

Clothing - I'm a bargain hunter, not a brand snob. You'll usually find me shopping at TJ Maxx, Target, JCP, and thrift shops. I gravitate toward ivory lace, light blue chambray, and great black or white tops. I love to wear red, too. My favorite accessory is my vintage hand-tooled leather purse from the late 60's... hippie chic.

Furniture - Crushed velvet. Tufted. Curvy silhouettes. Vintage. Jewel box hues. All those things make me swoon.

2. Describe your personal style in three words: Eclectic. Vintage. Feminine.

3. Describe your favorite room from childhood...

My room was painted pale yellow and had wall borders (sooo 90's, I know) depicting tea parties. I had floral yellow bedding. All of my furniture was vintage Henry Link French Provincial cream with gold trim... in much better shape than my current pieces. I had tea sets sitting out. It was all so lovely, feminine, and sunny.

...And your favorite room from adulthood.
In one of my college apartments, I lived in a room in a house. Though the room was tiny and half-underground (split level house), I loved it. I was allowed to paint and painted it the gorgeous Anonymous shade from Sherwin Williams. It really made my cream furniture and bright floral bedding pop.

4. Whom do you consider a role model?

My mom and grandma. They're the two best women I know. So caring. So giving. And great decorators, each owning their own unique style. I grew up surrounded by a LOT of red. Red walls. Red carpet. Red upholstery on the furniture. They instilled a sense of "making a home lovely" in me, as well as making home a happy place to be. They're both kind, vibrant, and loving.

5. Name three spots that are "just right" in your home right now:

Honestly, nothing is "just right" since I just moved in! But I do love my chair positioned next to the huge set of two windows in my bedroom. The windows are dressed in light linen curtains. And the chair is a perfect spot to read. My bookcase is near perfect, displaying all the books I love so dearly. And I love my clawfoot tub and the shower curtain I have hung on it. 

6. How do you want your friends and family to feel when they visit your home a month from now?

I want them to walk in and have lots to look at, be dazzled by color and pattern, and feel excited by the good vibes and creative energy. I also want them to feel comfortable, cozy, and right at home to grab a drink and plop down on the sofa for good laughs and good conversation. 

Take the Style Cure Survey and start the Style Cure with me today! And please let me know if you're doing it by posting links to your Style Cure blog entries on The Lovely Side Facebook page. :)

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