Ali Bee's Happy, Homey, Vintage, Cozy Apartment

Today I'm very excited to share the apartment tour of Ali Bee, a fabulous 25-year-old photographer, interior design junkie, and blogger. She lives in this small apartment in her Ohio hometown with her fiance and their two dogs Bella and Daisy. 

I've been following Ali Bee's blog and Instagram for a while now. She's always got something lovely, happy, and inspiring to share – especially when it comes to her photography. This is definitely one of those gals that I would love to grab coffee with and talk decor, blogging, fashion, and life... if she weren't hundreds of miles away!

She's graciously welcomed into her apartment living room – a space equally bold and cozy, with balanced doses of color, pattern, vintage, contemporary, and happiness. Let's take a look around!

"I love when you can give temporary
decor a permanent home." – Ali

"When we first moved here in February, I was thrilled to see that we had a mantel and a fireplace, even if it was no longer in use.  My very first mantel, I thought.  I assumed it would take me weeks to decorate, re-finagle, and perfect it... but it only took one stab!  I've decorated it with a large canvas painting that my fiance and I painted together, vintage trinkets, thing-ma-bobs that were hidden in my parent's basement, twinkly lights, and memories strung on a string." – Ali

"If you haven't noticed yet, I'm all about the color.  Yes, I LOVE my bold black and white, but nothing compliments it best other than bright colors.  This ribbon garland above our TV is especially special to my fiance and I.  My mom made this herself for us to use as decor at our engagement party.  I love when you can give temporary decor a permanent home." – Ali

"You've probably noticed, but I'm not the best painter.  I used to be embarrassed about it, but today I think it's kind of cool to fill your home with artwork personally made by you.  It's also extremely affordable.  The canvas on the shelf above the couch was something I painted shortly after we moved here.  I've grown quite fond of it!" – Ali

"We get a lot of questions about our giant and bold rug.  So, before you ask, it's from Ikea!" – Ali

I was definitely going to ask. Question: answered. ;)

"I'm a huge fan of gallery walls.  I would probably cover all of my walls in pretty framed art and photos if I could, but that could get costly.  This particular corner wall is filled with frames that my parent's bought my fiance and I for Christmas a couple years ago.  I've filled them with family photos, an autographed album of Austin and I's favorite music artist, pretty Instagrams, and two letters that Austin and I wrote for one another.  We bust open the frame and read the letters to each other whenever we've had a bad argument or just need a pick-me-up." – Ali

"I feel happy here.  Something about it feels more like us.  More cozy.  More homey." – Ali

"Leaving our spacious 2 bedroom apartment in a city we loved to this tiny one bedroom apartment back in our hometown was gut wrenching for us in the beginning.  But we knew it was a decision that had to be made if we wanted to save money for our wedding next summer.  Today, I feel happy here.  Something about it feels more like us.  More cozy.  More homey.  I hope sharing my happy place with you brings some sort of comfort into your life, if not, then inspiration for your own happy place.  Thank you, Jessica, for inviting me to your corner on the interwebs! It was awesome to be here." – Ali

Thank you for letting us come in and have a virtual look around! :)

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Caramel Latte Kiss said...

I love how colourful this! It looks so cheerful and homey.

Ali Bee said...

This was great, Jessica! Thank you so much for letting me be a small part of your blog :) I adore you and your blog so it was an honor! xo

Camille said...

So colorful! Love it! :)