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5 Under $50: Opulent Teal Items for Your Apartment

If you see what I wear on a daily basis or step foot into my apartment, it doesn't take long to figure out that my favorite color is turquoise. Not that light Caribbean turquoise, but a bold rich medium teal. My love affair with turquoise goes way back and I wholeheartedly believe that every room needs a little splash of it. For me, this color isn't a trend. It's a classic.

For My Office: 10 Ginormous, Inspiring Inspiration Boards

For as long as I can remember, an inspiration board over my desk has been a staple. It's an absolutely necessary place for me to pin up bits of inspiration for everything from blogging and decorating to working on novels.  Pictured above is what my desk looks like right now. I covered some extra plywood with removable wallpaper from Chasing Paper, then taped up a few inspiring prints. On the right side of the desk is an old piece of corkboard painted with chalkboard paint. For now, I'm writing lovely little phrases on it, but I can pin things up if I desire.

$15 Office Wall Update with Vintage Magazine Covers

My office has been coming along piece by piece and I'm loving the bright chartreuse color even more day by day. I recently posted about how I put up a black, cage-style pendant – it's really pulled the desk area together and provided some wonderful illumination.  However, the big wall behind my desk has been bugging me. Long, low, cubicle-style bookshelves line the wall and provide a perfect place to display my vintage typewriters. But the great expanse of wall has remained empty. Even my lovely Cotton (above) comes into the room, gingerly steps over all the typewriters, and then stares blankly at my big, blank space.

Get the Look: Mindy's Apartment | On Screen Decor: The Mindy Project

Today I'm tackling one of the most requested on screen decor inspirations: Mindy Lahiri's apartment from the show The Mindy Project. While Mindy's gorgeous brownstone apartment would probably break most of our budgets, borrowing her colorful, eclectic style doesn't have to.

8 Affordable Pendant Lights (Plus a look at one of them in my office!)

I love cage and plain socket pendant lights. They're simple, versatile, and inexpensive compared to other ceiling fixture options. Plus, they're space-savers – adding a spot of extra light without taking up valuable tabletop or desktop space. 1. Colored Metal Pendants Bright, bold, and effortlessly cheerful, hang one of these for a splash of color in a crisp white space.

Design-Stumped: What should I do with this awkward corner?

In my living room, there's this awkward little corner. It's opposite the bar cart and across the room from the television/sofa. It appears that once upon a time, there might have been some kind of burner/heater here – with the corner part being a slim chimney. But in these modern times, I just find myself staring at this awkward corner and struggling with decorating it on a daily basis. I've put a chair there, but it's really too far from the rest of the furniture to make sense or feel cozy. I've temporarily placed my typewriter table there (above) along with one of the cat beds. Right now, it's just sitting empty. 

Get the Look: Crisp Swedish Style with White, Hot Pink, & Mustard Yellow

I believe that once upon a time, I shared this lovely white apartment here on the blog... somewhere. Today, it popped up again in my Pinterest feed. Once again, I found myself smitten with the crisp white on white on white, the splash of hot pink, and the blots of golden yellow. It's undeniably comfortable, effortlessly chic, and so very Scandinavian.  Click through to see the full apartment and learn how to borrow some of the style for your own place:

10 Classic Gift Ideas for Your Guy this Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day, spoil your lover with coffee, whiskey, and beer. Or if all else fails, boys like chocolate, too. To shop for items in this set, click the links below:

This Valentine's Day, Spoil the Lovely Ladies in Your Life

Be it your best friend, sister, or mother... a little luxury goes a long way. To shop the items in this set, click on the links below:

#TheDUFF Movie Giveaway (Closed)

*** This giveaway is now closed. Please check back for future contests.*** In theaters on February 20th and based on the novel by Kody Keplinger, The DUFF is "a comedic snap shot about what it’s like to be a teen today." CBS Films is providing one lucky The Lovely Side reader with a #TheDUFF movie prize pack, including:

My 15 Bar Cart Must-Haves: Whiskey and Brandy and Gin, Oh My!

It's been a little over a year since I scored my bar cart at Target for a mere $30 . It's become one of my favorite pieces of furniture to decorate – maybe because the accessories are so intoxicating interactive! To know me is to know I'm a big, big fan of craft beer. ...But G and I do dabble with mixing cocktails. ...And I do love a glass of red wine while writing or a glass of white with some dinners. While there's almost always beer in my fridge, I also try to keep the bar cart stocked up as well. It gets most of its use on the weekends with G and I curled up on the couch playing cribbage or watching Netflix. But it's also nice to have some drink ingredients handy in case a friend or two comes over.  1. Prairie Organic Gin  Gin has become my spirit of choice. Oh, but it tastes like Christmas tree! I get that a lot. And I get it. Thanks to the juniper berries, most gins do take on a piney, spruce-infused taste. And I'll drink those – usually wi

My Office / Library: Before, During, & After

This past week I've been working on putting some finishing touches on my office / library / writing room – whatever I decide to call it! It started off as a buttery yellow chamber, which I transformed with a few coats of PPG's Pollination Green.  The yellow green hue isn't for everyone, I'll admit. But I'm in love  with it. I adore how it looks alongside the charcoals and dark browns that make up the furniture of the room – and how it makes the white trim pop.

Big, Cheap Wall Art Ideas for My Living Room

After being sick on Wednesday (yuck) and working from home on Thursday, I was feeling a little stir crazy Thursday evening. I usually do my weekly tidying-up session on Friday after work, but thanks to feeling better (and a cup of coffee) I got a head start. It was nighttime and this room doesn't get a ton of light anyway, so the photo's a little dark. But there it is! My living room is coming along – cat toys/beds and all.

Kitchen Brainstorming: Colorful, Vintage, Eclectic Vibes

In the few months I've lived at my new place, everything has been coming together quite well. The living room is done. The bedroom and office are near complete. The front room is a work-in-progress. The bathroom is a soon-to-be work-in-progress. And lastly, that'll leave me the kitchen / dining room. The three words I'd use to describe my vision: Colorful. Vintage. Eclectic. Read on!

My Apartment: Progress Update

After a former weekend full of friends, fun, and a beerfest, I was quite excited that this past weekend was free of plans and obligations – and quite determined to keep it that way so G and I could chill for a couple days. We spent the weekend watching Doctor Who and Criminal Minds on Netflix; trying new ciders, gin, and whiskey; cooking Brussels sprouts, mahi mahi, chicken fajitas, and deer chili; and putting the final touches on the walls and ceiling of my front room/parlor.