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Ideas for decorating with "Greenery," Pantone's Color of the Year

Hello, lovelies! Long time no blog, right? (So sorry about that.) Anyway, have you heard the news? I get excited when any design or paint company releases their "Color of the Year," but I'm especially stoked for Pantone's Greenery. It's bright and bold. It's lush. It reminds me of Wicked, the Emerald City, granny smith apples, and springtime. (Thinking of springtime is especially important as temps start to drop down to 10 degrees F in Iowa. Brrr.)

Above, I rounded up my favorite objects for incorporating a little "Greenery" around your home.

1. A soft thermal blanket, because you can never have too many blankets. (My bf would argue with that statement.) And blankets are easy to swap in and out of rooms depending on your mood, the season, or the "Color of the Year." ;)

2 and 3. Perhaps you just want a teeny-tiny pinch of Greenery. Bring it in through the likes of a candle or pretty glass tealight holder.

4. Does that green glass look familiar to you? (Where are my fellow winos?) These canisters are made out of recycled wine bottles and I think they'd add a gorgeous, verdant pop of color to any kitchen counter—or even in the bathroom for things like cotton balls, cotton swabs, etc. I'd use them to add color to an otherwise cream/gray/white farmhouse-style kitchen or butler's pantry.
5. This pillow mist comes in such a lovely bottle that it will fit right into your nightstand vignette.

6. I'm a sucker for cute lamps, and this one is no exception. The solid green base and prettily patterned shade strike the perfect balance.

7. This green organizer is so versatile, I can imagine several other uses. It'd be great for corralling office supplies on your desk, beauty products on your vanity, or mail/keys/etc. by your front door or entry. I think it'd look best in a black + neutral desk space, mixed in among a few accents of dark teal and rustic red, like this:
8. I have an abundance of pillows, but there's always room for one more. (My bf would also argue with this statement.) But this one is sooo lovely...

9. This simple and sleek vase is just asking for some flowers to hold, but it'd look elegant all on its own, too.

10. In a world where wood tones and white paint are the norm for furniture, I like each room to have at least one piece painted a bright color. It doesn't have to be extreme—this little green table is a small but adorable commitment. 

11. Oh, hello there, you handsome KitchenAid mixer, you. This kitchen appliance sure looks dapper in green apple. 

12. These are my favorite items on the list. Green whiskey tumblers. They're the sort of thing I imagine residents of the Emerald City drinking out of at their local pub. If they were mine, I'd style them on a brushed gold bar cart with fantastical gold bar accessories and a delicious bottle of gin.  

13. Add a splash of color to your kitchen with a bright green dish.

14. And lastly, I'm so smitten with this whimsical green chandelier. Wouldn't it look darling in a white + neutral bedroom with natural wood furniture, a vintage bed frame, and quaint, cottage-y details? Something like this:

To shop for any of these green items, click here.

What do you think of Pantone's "Color of the Year"—love it, hate it, or meh?

Will you be "Greenery" in your decor? Where?


Camille said…
I have that exact kitchen aid, love the color! :)
I love the kitchen aid in green! well, I adore all those things in green, but the kitchen aid is soo lovely!
Anonymous said…
Love these green accents — too bad you didn't link out to any of them/list who makes them.
Hi! At the very end of the post it says, "To shop for any of these green items, click here." That will take you to the Polyvore set, where you can find any item's source. :)

Or, just click this link:
Isn't it?! We have a white one, but this one makes me green with envy. ;)
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