Purple, White, & Red All Over | Dorm Ditto #1

(The above dorm is an image that I found on Photobucket...
so unfortunately I do not know how to properly credit the source.
If anyone knows, feel free to let me know so that I can cite the image.)

Color & Pattern: I love the color scheme of the above dorm. The students kept it simple and limited the room to purple, red, white, and black. The solid comforters are spruced up by the cheery polka-dotted bedsheets. The zebra-print rug is a burst of bold pattern in the room. By keeping everything else solid or subdued in print, the room isn't overwhelmed by patterns.

Storage: See all those little red and white bins? They make great storage. They can stow away anything from magazines, textbooks, and binders to shoes, dvd's & cd's, and snacks. Things that would otherwise clutter the room are kept out of site but within easy reach.

Seating: By lofting the beds, the students allowed enough room to bring in that comfy purple futon, which is decked out with two throw-pillows. The two tables in front of the futon are small and light, making them versatile to move around.

Decor: The white walls are anything but fussy, adorned only by a pretty floral picture. And if anything can help transform a dorm into a more cozy space, it's the window treatments. Those red ones can be tied back to let the sunshine in, or pulled shut for privacy. I also like the red table runner that is on the dressers and the nearby modern floor lamp.

How to recreate this space:



me said...

Excellent ideas here! I really like the different styles and color themes. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

so i just discovered your blog the other day while looking for ideas on how to redecorate my dorm room...and i have to admit i'm slightly obsessed. do you have any ideas for cheap wall shelve ideas? everything seems to be so expensive and im on a tight budget...