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4 Summer Essentials

1. Soap & Glory Glow Hydrating Shimmer Lotion Soap & Glory is a fabulous cosmetics and skincare line available at Target ... and all of the packaging is so pretty and retro. I recently picked up a bottle of this glow lotion and completely fell in love. It contains shea butter and is a pale, shimmery pink. It evens out and highlights skin tone. Best of all... it smells amazing! Click here to buy some. 2. Burt's Bees Super Shiny Lip Gloss I've always been a fan of Burt's Bees natural products... I'm devoted to the original beeswax lip balm. However, I've never been much of a lip gloss fan. Most glosses I've used have either dried out my lips, slid all over my mouth, felt too sticky, or needed to be re-applied too much. But since I trust Burt and his beeswax, I gave this gloss a try. I'm smitten with the Nectar Nude shade. It goes on light and shiny. It tastes good. It stays in place. And it makes my lips feel really soft. Click her

Mini Putt | Summer Date #1

(above: callmeserendipitous ) Grab your boy and head to the nearest miniature golf course for some lighthearted putting competition. A mini golf date is inexpensive and casual fun in the outdoors. Plus you get to show of your mad putting skills. ;) Loser buys ice cream. What to wear: ♥Amore.

Irksome Cushion's Minimal Dorm | Dorm Ditto #7

I recently did a post on Maximilian Sinsteden's dorm room , which took preppy and eclectic to an extreme. Well, maybe that's not the look you're going for in your room. Then I came across a post on Apartment Therapy Los Angeles featuring " The Anti-Maximilian Dorm Room " that belongs to Irksome Cushion . This dorm room is on the opposite end of the decor spectrum of Mister Sinsteden's. This one is more modern, clean-lined, simple, and airy. And it, too, looks unlike any other dorm room I've ever seen. The white was embraced and repeated throughout the space. The room is very clean, organized, and still inviting and pretty. In love with this calm, minimal dorm? Re-create it by... 1) Embrace the white rather than fight it. Repeating the white throughout the room (in bedsheets, furniture, accessories, etc.) makes it look like it's all on purpose for the sake of design. 2) Keep objects to a minimum. If you don't find it useful or beau

Candy-Coated Dorm Room | Dorm Ditto #6

Over at E-E , I just did a post featuring Flickr user MissKittyKat 's photos of her home decor. She uses pretty patterns, candy-coated colors, and a mix of old and new to create lovely little spaces. (To view the E-E post featuring MissKittyKat , click here .) As I continued to admire her photostream , I was pleased to come across photos of her "student room", or dorm room... it is pictured above. She has a unique, fabulous, and fun sense of style. You should definitely take some cues from this sugary-sweet space. Above: Her before and after shots of one end of her student room. What I'm very impressed with is that she chose to work with what the school gave her. She didn't bring any furniture of her own and made do with the provided pieces. By putting two beds together, she created a cozy little seating area. She's a Swedish art and design student. The pillows, posters, and prints are of her own design. Above: Her desk functions as a homework

Puh-Puh-Puh Poker Face

The above dorm belongs to two guys at Arkansas Tech University. It has been posted on HGTV 's Rate My Space and was featured on an HGTV show episode. (...Though I can't remember exactly what show it was.) I think there's a fine line between madness and genius... and by taking this theme to the extreme, I'll let you decide for yourself. You've got to hand it to these guys for their creativity though. Yes, they even carried the poker theme into the bathroom. Haha. This is definitely the most creative dorm room I've ever seen. To view more photos, check out Crazy College Room on Rate My Space . ♥Amore.

Preppy & Eclectic... to the Max | Dorm Ditto #5

If I told you that the above photo is a dorm room... would you believe me? I could hardly believe it myself when I first saw it on an Apartment Therapy post and then again on Brilliant Asylum . To read the full article featured in New York Magazine, click here. (Photos in this post taken by Dean Kaufman; article written by Sarah Bernard... both for New York Magazine) Maximilian Sinsteden is a 21-year-old senior at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey. I'm already envious of his college campus (pictured above). Isn't it just gorgeous with all the tall trees and old architecture? Maximilian lives in a tiny dorm room in Hoyt-Browne Hall. "I can't live in a minimalist world. For me, it's all about eclecticism." - Maximilian Sinsteden His dorm room reflects his ultra-eclectic and love of authentic prep. The floor is covered in oriental rugs... not even a trace of the linoleum peaking through. The walls are painted Ralph Lauren's Tapestry Green

Fit for the Delphine

The movie "Marie Antoinette" is one of my favorite movies. It's a breathtaking film---the sets are elaborate, the costumes are to-die-for, Kirsten Dunst is soooo talented, and the soundtrack is composed of some of the most beautiful sounds I've ever heard. I love the movie so much that it inspired my next room idea. In this room, I attempted to combine the fabulous frill, timeless elegance, and superfluous luxury with fresh simplicity, youthful colors, and lots of function. After all... doesn't every girl deserve her piece of Versailles? (Above) Marie Antoinette's private chamber. (Above) The infamous fan scene from the movie. (Above) Deliciously frosted cakes + fabulous footwear... isn't that every girl's fantasy? (Above) Portrait of the real Marie Antoinette. Here is Decor Board #2: Let Them Eat Cake... Color Scheme: Bubblegum Pink, Cool Turquoise, Crisp White, Glimmering Gold 1: This minimal poster makes a maximum statement with a prett

Heirloom Retreat

This room idea is inspired by the guest room in HGTV's 2009 Dream Home . The room is a cozy retreat with its buttercream walls, crimson accents, and the mixture of antique and clean modern pieces strewn throughout the room. I would love to re-create this room as a dorm or campus apartment. Walls can't be painted, of course. But I did some wandering around the internet... and I think I came up with things that will capture the comfortable, casual elegance of this cozy, pretty room. So here it is... Decor Board #1: Heirloom Retreat Color Scheme: Rich Crimson, Golden Yellow, Antique White, Wrought-iron Black. 1: Since walls can't be painted, this yellow rug would bring in some of the sunshine of the inspiration guest room. 2: I think this small, white bedside table adds a bit of charm and offers a much-needed break from the usual wood dorm furniture. 3: This black alarm clock adds timeless vintage flair. 4: And this black telephone compliments that nostalgic sty