Candy-Coated Dorm Room | Dorm Ditto #6

Over at E-E, I just did a post featuring Flickr user MissKittyKat's photos of her home decor. She uses pretty patterns, candy-coated colors, and a mix of old and new to create lovely little spaces. (To view the E-E post featuring MissKittyKat, click here.)

As I continued to admire her photostream, I was pleased to come across photos of her "student room", or dorm room... it is pictured above. She has a unique, fabulous, and fun sense of style. You should definitely take some cues from this sugary-sweet space.

Above: Her before and after shots of one end of her student room. What I'm very impressed with is that she chose to work with what the school gave her. She didn't bring any furniture of her own and made do with the provided pieces. By putting two beds together, she created a cozy little seating area. She's a Swedish art and design student. The pillows, posters, and prints are of her own design.

Above: Her desk functions as a homework space and creative space. The splashes of bubblegum pink are sooo pretty. And I particularly like that darling little collection of deer and her nesting dolls. The lush plants are a nice touch, too.

Above: This bookcase with its tins and baskets keeps her craft supplies organized and within easy reach.

Do you like MissKittyKat's fun, girly dorm room? Here's some ideas to borrow from her space... and the good news: they are ALL from Etsy. :)

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Well what a nice surprise to find my pink paisley pillow featured on your blog. Thank you.