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Preppy & Eclectic... to the Max | Dorm Ditto #5

If I told you that the above photo is a dorm room... would you believe me? I could hardly believe it myself when I first saw it on an Apartment Therapy post and then again on Brilliant Asylum. To read the full article featured in New York Magazine, click here. (Photos in this post taken by Dean Kaufman; article written by Sarah Bernard... both for New York Magazine)

Maximilian Sinsteden is a 21-year-old senior at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey. I'm already envious of his college campus (pictured above). Isn't it just gorgeous with all the tall trees and old architecture? Maximilian lives in a tiny dorm room in Hoyt-Browne Hall.

"I can't live in a minimalist world. For me, it's
all about eclecticism." - Maximilian Sinsteden

His dorm room reflects his ultra-eclectic and love of authentic prep. The floor is covered in oriental rugs... not even a trace of the linoleum peaking through. The walls are painted Ralph Lauren's Tapestry Green. By putting the school-provided dorm furniture into storage, he was able to bring in his own vintage pieces. And thrift store finds are scattered throughout the chamber.

Above: He attached the bathroom caddy to the mirror with suction cups, making his hair products, tooth brush, and cleanser are all within easy reach.

Above: See what's tying back the gorgeous curtains? Well, those are re-purposed ascots. Who knew? And yes, that's a well-stocked bar in the corner of his room... which often brings about twenty of Maximilian's friends into the teeny-tiny dorm room.

Above: Maximilian's $80 thirft-store chest of drawers holds his neatly folded sweaters. And every tie has it's place on a rack belonging to his father. Vintage artwork frames a beautiful gilt mirror.

1) Black-watch throw from his grandmother. And his nose is The Lover, by Marguerite Duras. 2) Ralph Lauren plaid pillows and bed linens. 3) Charlotte Moss curtains and paisley pillows. 4) Rugs from his family. 5) "A hand-me-down" armchair from a client.

Have you taken a liking to Maximilian's eclectic, preppy style? Take note:

Cover your dorm walls in a mixed array of artwork... pencil drawings, vintage ephemera, and a sign or two. Etsy is a fantastic place to find a variety of this kinda stuff. 1) Vintage 70's The New York Times Magazine -- nuforms' shop, 2) French 1900 Enamel Street Sign -- thepuddingstorevint's shop, 3) 1892 French Corset Fashion Plate -- PetitPoulailler's shop, 4) Vintage 1922 Architectural Drawing -- callmejasper's shop.

Scavenge sites like ebay and craigslist for a vintage arm chair within your style preference and price range. 5) Orange Floral Vintage Drexel High Back Arm Chair, 6) Red Vintage High Back Arm Chair, 7) Ivory Vintage Arm Chair.


Take a majorly creative cue from Mister Sinsteden and use ascots to tie back your curtains. There's a shop on Etsy called vintagetieaffair that has silky neckties galore.

Unfortunately for most dorm-dwellers, we are not allowed to paint the walls a gorgeous shade of green and the school-provided furniture is often not allowed to even leave the room. But just because you may be stuck with white cinder block and basic blah furniture pieces doesn't mean you can't draw preppy inspiration from Maximilian Sinsteden and come up with your own fabulously eclectic chamber.




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