Books, Record-Art, & Coffee Coffee Coffee | Dorm Ditto #8

While rummaging the internet, I came across Flickr user love underlined's photo set entitled "collegio" and was drawn to it immediately. There's just something about seeing college life through another college student's eyes that engrosses me. Her life is full of reading, writing, and lots of coffee. But what immediately grabbed my attention were the photos of her dorm... the photos of her dorm room walls in particular.

For dorm dittos, I usually steal design tricks from an entire dorm room. Forgive me this time. I've been thinking a lot about how to liven up boring white walls... so for this ditto I'm just going to focus on the fabulous walls of this student's room.

Sometimes it's just so easy to haphazardly fill your walls with any and every poster you own. Sometimes it works and looks great. Sometimes it just looks like a mess. And maybe you really don't care about how your dorm room walls look. (...But I'm thinking that you really do care, since you're still reading this blog.)

The walls of love underlined's dorm display all of her record album covers. And they're not just carelessly poster-puttied onto the wall, either. She hung them so neatly in a grid pattern. It's like a record art gallery. The colors on the records are so bright. And the pictures on them are so fantastically vintage. What's not to love?

(immersed by love underlined)

Besides the record display, I'd also like to share a creative storage solution I found in this dorm. This student and her friends are serious coffee drinkers. And while I can't say I drink coffee that much, I do enjoy a few cups if I'm in the right mood. (I love love love to drink coffee when I'm working on my novel.) So I will be bringing a small coffee maker and mugs to my dorm. I may just have to borrow her mug-storage idea.

Check it out in the photo below. I'm not sure what that contraption is called, but I have seen them in antique stores and thrift shops. I usually pass them by, carelessly acknowledging them as coat hooks or hat hangers that I have no real need for. I would have never thought to use the device as a place to hang my mugs, but I love the look. From now on, my eyes are wide open for one of these.

(missing five by love underlined)

Lastly, I just had to add in the photo of her bookshelf because I enjoy seeing what kind of reading material other people stick their noses in.

How to get love underlined's look:

1) Re-consider what you consider art or wall decor. Don't limit yourself to posters and pages torn out of magazines. Browse antique stores, thrift shops, and Etsy for cool vintage posters, magazine covers, postcards, and (of course!) records that would make great artwork. Then hang it on your dorm walls with some poster putty or masking tape.

Here are some record covers (found on Etsy) with potential.

2) Find one of those funky expandable coat hooks and hang your coffee mugs on it. ;)
The coat hook above is from DandelionGirl on Etsy.


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