Outfitting Your Dorm with Urban Outfitters

(pictured above is the Antoinette Fainting Sofa from UO)

A while back, I posted the Dorm Checklist to help myself and all of you guys remember those things that may be needed/wanted in a dorm room. Now I'm going to highlight great places to find all of those things. First on the list is Urban Outfitters. I do not have a UO store near to me [weeps] but I check the apartment section on their website compulsively. They carry such an eclectic, colorful array of apartment decor... and there are soo many things I think would be fabulous in a dorm. Check out some of the stuff below.

Decor: UO has such a fun variety. Whatever your taste or style, there's gotta be something here for you. Vinyl record coasters for the music-junkie. A sleek magazine holder for those of you with your nose in Cosmo, ElleDecor, or a beloved issue of Domino. An ornate table clock for the romantic. And even typewriters if you choose to go vintage when writing your papers.
On the Walls: UO carries lots of things to put up on your walls. Some of the things below include a world map wall mural, record frames, a cardboard deer head, and museum frame wall decals. My favorite is the marquee letter. I would love to have a big light-up J. Wouldn't that be a fun, brilliant way to add some mood lighting to the dorm?Rugs: In my opinion, rugs from UO top any other place to buy rugs. They have a huge variety. Some are brightly-colored. Some have pretty patterns. And many are made out of recycled materials. Plus, they're affordable. What's not to love?Bedding: UO also comes out on top when it comes to dressing the bed. I love, love, love their selection. Beautiful patterns. Vivid colors. My only problem is deciding on which one I want. I could see myself curled up cozily in each and every one of these duvets/comforters/quilts.Windows: Don't fret. UO has your windows covered, too. Like the rugs and bedding, these panels come in pretty colors and patterns. And I'm in the same dilemma as I am with the duvets... I can't possibly pick just one favorite. There you have it. If you haven't fallen in love with Urban Outfitters by the end of my post, I'd really be surprised. If you want to see more of their apartment stuff (and maybe some clothes, too) check out the UO website. And don't forget to get going on those checklists!


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