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11 DIY Headboards for Your Dorm

One of the easiest ways to spruce up a boring dorm room is by dressing up the bed. But pillows, bedsheets, and a pretty comforter only go so far when it comes to overcoming sleep problems . Here are some diy headboard ideas so that you can give your dorm bed a little extra ooomph ! Above: For this " Tall Order " headboard featured at BHG (Better Homes & Gardens), an inexpensive artist's canvas was covered in fabric and propped behind the bed. I particularly like this project because the canvas could be re-covered if you want to change you color scheme or it could moved around the room if you no longer wish to use it as a headboard. I do think, however, that it should be fastened to the wall in some way to avoid falling on your head during sleep. Some kind of adhesive hooks might just do the trick? Above: If you're feeling especially ambitious or crafty, a diy-upholstered headboard may be just the project for you. Click here for BHG instructions on crea

A Fabulous Wall... for $13

( My $13 Paper Wall by AndThen... ) Doesn't the wall of that playroom look absolutely fabulous? Would you believe that the creative mastermind made it using scrapbook paper and glue dots? I think that this would be a fun thing to do on dorm room walls. Scrapbook paper comes in such pretty colors and patterns... and at stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael's, you can score some on the cheap. For a dorm, you may want to skip over the glue dots though because they may not be allowed due to damage. You could however pull it off with some poster-putty or double-sided tape, depending on what your school allows. (Do make sure to read the handbook or ask your hall adviser about what is and what isn't allowed on dorm room walls.) For complete directions on creating a scrapbook paper wall of your own, click here . Although the effect of an entire wall is eye-catching, I think it'd be neat to just do a section above the bed... like a fake headboard kinda thing. This diy i

Photo-Display Ideas

(Small Fox in a Big World) (Small Fox in a Big World) (Mundo Flo) (abbey*christine) (hummerdieb) (kimmy racoony) (alt text) Amore.

Summer To-Do: Stick Your Nose In a Book

( modern belle by genne-greasley ) If you're like me, you have stacks of books lying around your home. There are books I've read and loved, books I've read and loathed, books I couldn't finish, and books I have yet to stick my nose in. While I can't bear to part with several beloved pageturners, there are several books that I'm more than willing to get rid of. Here's the thing though: I don't want to just toss them out. I don't want to throw them into a garage sale or take them to a used bookstore where they might sit and collect dust. I want them to end up in the deserving hands of a reader who really wants to read that particular book. My mom introduced me to PaperBack Swap this evening. And, oh! what a great website it is. It's rather simple. Here's how it works. You list a bunch of books on the site. If you're the first member in your household to list 10 books, you get 2 free credits right off the bat. (My mom beat me t

Wall-papered Dorm

( image from Antique Dog Photos ) Oh, I do wish that I were allowed to wallpaper the dorm room walls like they did in the good ol' days. :) I do not know an exact year for this photo, but judging by the coiffure and full-length attire... I'm guess these gals are from the early 20th Century. Amore.

6 Savvy Guides to College

U Chic: The College Girl's Guide to Everything by Christie Garton Synopsis: U Chic is the ultimate girls' guide to college life, from - the #1 online resource and community network for college women. Biography: Christie Garton, a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Law, is an award-winning social entrepreneur. She has served as a columnist for the, and been published in the Wall Street Journal. Excerpt from Chapter One: Getting Started Put an End to Homesickness! Allison Davis, Barnard College I fear change-and college is a big change. So it was no surprise that I spent the majority of my summer before college freaking out about the thought of being in a new place without my friends, without my boyfriend, without my family. As if preparing for a coming storm, I went around buying everything that I could think of to start a "home" emergency kit-a stash of items that would remind me of home when I w

A Big Fat Greek Decision

(click on image for original source.) Greek life is a hugely popular aspect of college life and pop culture. Revenge of the Nerds. The Skulls. Animal House. Legally Blonde. Sorority Boys. Little Sister. The Campus Corpse. Sorority Row (soon to be out in theatres). And one of my all-time favorite shows: Greek . Due to movies, television, and popular belief... there are a lot of stereotypes attached to going Greek. Hazing rituals. Secret initiations. Beer-guzzling guys. Easy, ditzy girls. Wild parties. The list goes on and on. But while there may be truth attached to some stereotypes, it's important to look beyond the negative reputation of Greek life. Those stereotypes are not always true and there are many benefits to joining the Greek system. I've received news and information regarding sororities and formal recruitment at Iowa State. Being that Greek is my weekly guilty pleasure (I can't wait for next season!) I heavily considered signing up for the