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My Dorm Tour

Welcome to my dorm room! While I'm quite happy with how it looks, it is still a work in progress. I still need some curtains, a rug, a bit more attractive storage solutions in certain places, and some art on the walls. But those will be things that I add as time progresses here at ISU. I also got so caught up in the excitement of moving in that I completely forgot to take "before" pics. [sigh] I only have the "after" pics. So for now... here is my room so far: Above: I made that little name plate tag using left over scrapbooking paper. :) Here's the futon + ottomans. I was not able to bring the orange sofa bed I purchased from Target, so I had to make do with whatever the dorm provided. I about died when I unlocked the door and walked in for the first time. What did I see? Well, a bright red futon! Red?! Red simply did not fit into my color scheme. So Mom and I picked up an inexpensive black, full-sized fitted sheet from Target. It really di

That can't possibly be a dorm room!

(all images in this post from The Boston Globe ) Believe it or not... that's a real dorm room at Boston Conservatory. It was a challenge taken on by two recent Boston Architectural College interior design grads. Oh, and as for the budget... I'll reveal it at the end of this post. ;) Above: The dorm room before. It looks pretty much like any other dorm... aside from the fact that it has gorgeous wood floors, high ceilings, crown molding, huge windows, and a grand fireplace. The furnishings themselves are pretty standard, which gives the room an institutional vibe like most other dorms. Above: And here it is after! For one this dorm is HUGE. Considering the room had so much potential before, dressing it up really turned it into an apartment-like space. Above: An actual place to dine. You don't find dining tables in dorm rooms very often. Eating usually happens on the bed, the futon, the floor, etc. And seriously?! A chandelier! How simply fabulous is that? Ab

Room to Grow

(the above images are from Better Homes & Gardens ) Isn't that dorm room gorgeous? Yes, I did say dorm. Where are the bright colors, the wild patterns, the strands of Christmas lights, and the other tell-tale signs of a college student's living space? It's so neutral, so grown up, and so apartment-like. How does it look sooo good? This dorm room is all about planning ahead and investing in pieces that will grow with you. The decorator passed on milk crates, futons, and random hand-me-down pieces that end up mix-matched in most dorms and focused on classier furnishings that would find a happy place in a future post-grad apartment. To read the full article " From Dorm Room to Apartment " featured on Better Homes & Gardens , click here . Amore.

Dorm Tips from Style At Home

(above image from Style At Home ) That's a pretty cute dorm, huh? I like that it's simple and clutter-free, but bold with its unique color scheme and pops of pattern. I reeeeally love the raspberry shade of that rug next to the green chair. Oh, and did I mention that this room was put together for only $500? Style At Home's style editor Karl Lohnes created it by purchasing everything off of a Canadian online marketplace. Style At Home has 5 big tips and a couple DOs and DON'Ts for students when it comes to pulling of a stylish dorm on the cheap. Here's a summary: 1. Storage, storage, storage 2. Changeable seating options 3. Choose your colors wisely 4. Stick to your budget 5. Use the internet DO use ambiance lighting. DON'T overuse patterns. DO buy proportionate items. DON'T permanently attach things to the walls. You should definitely click here to read the full article on Style At Home . Happy decorating! Amore.

Adorable Idea for Dorm Walls!

(above: kelee81 ) These ones are a pretty alternative to bulletins boards. What a cute way to post exam reminders, tickets from last weekend's movie date, and that promising little phrase from your fortune cookie. (above: Amanda *Bake It Pretty* ) I've always been a fan of pretty turquoise paired with bold splashes of red. But add in the vintage fan plus loads of books plus a fat little bird... and I'm practically swooning. (above: mmadden ) Lovely pastels and girly patterns make a statement in this bathroom. I can spot several damask fabrics and that makes me smile. (above: Special J ) Who needs a headboard when you have colorful embroidery hoops? This idea would have fit in perfectly with my DIY headboards post. I really like that the hoops have been painted white. (above: contentedsparrow ) A creative cluster of these add just the right amount of cheer on that blank area of the wall. (above: tanislavallee ) Shy away from busy patterns and crazy color sch