My Dorm Tour

Welcome to my dorm room! While I'm quite happy with how it looks, it is still a work in progress. I still need some curtains, a rug, a bit more attractive storage solutions in certain places, and some art on the walls. But those will be things that I add as time progresses here at ISU. I also got so caught up in the excitement of moving in that I completely forgot to take "before" pics. [sigh] I only have the "after" pics. So for now... here is my room so far:

Above: I made that little name plate tag using left over scrapbooking paper. :)

Here's the futon + ottomans. I was not able to bring the orange sofa bed I purchased from Target, so I had to make do with whatever the dorm provided. I about died when I unlocked the door and walked in for the first time. What did I see? Well, a bright red futon! Red?! Red simply did not fit into my color scheme. So Mom and I picked up an inexpensive black, full-sized fitted sheet from Target. It really did transform the room.

Up close of the futon. Those ottomans double as storage, which is soooo dorm-room saavy. I store my DVDs in them.

Here's where the bed meets the futon... and my beloved Dorianne poster from home.

Close-up of the bed and nightstand space.

There's a large mirror in the room, which is useful for doing hair and make-up at. I can just plop down on the edge of the bed and style away. :)

Here's the desk. I'm not crazy about it. I need to think of a way to really utilize all that extra desktop back in the corner.

There's my huge dresser, which has probably been here since the building was built. Haha. Then my stacking chests of drawers. And then the fridge+microwave combo. That lovely green bin holds all of my snack items. :)

Here's the tv and closet. The closet just barely held all my clothes! (Yay!) And I still need to find a more permanent place for the full-size mirror. I tend to move mirrors like that around the room.

Oh, I forgot to mention my scrapbook wall-art. I was inspired by this very creative and eye-catching $13 Paper Wall. I went to work with some of my own scrapbook paper and poster putty. It adds some nice color and pizazz to an otherwise boring area of the room. I looove it.

So there you have it! If you have any suggestions or ideas for me to try out in my dorm, I'd adore hearing from you. :) And don't forget to post photos of your living space at Your Dorm Room.


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