That can't possibly be a dorm room!

(all images in this post from The Boston Globe)

Believe it or not... that's a real dorm room at Boston Conservatory. It was a challenge taken on by two recent Boston Architectural College interior design grads. Oh, and as for the budget... I'll reveal it at the end of this post. ;)

Above: The dorm room before. It looks pretty much like any other dorm... aside from the fact that it has gorgeous wood floors, high ceilings, crown molding, huge windows, and a grand fireplace. The furnishings themselves are pretty standard, which gives the room an institutional vibe like most other dorms.

Above: And here it is after! For one this dorm is HUGE. Considering the room had so much potential before, dressing it up really turned it into an apartment-like space.

Above: An actual place to dine. You don't find dining tables in dorm rooms very often. Eating usually happens on the bed, the futon, the floor, etc. And seriously?! A chandelier! How simply fabulous is that?

Above: I'm loving that rustic coffee table and all the black and white used in the room.

Above: Why can't all dorms be provided with beautiful fireplaces? :(

Above: Houndstooth will always have a place in my heart.

Above: This study area is great and I'm thinking of using it as an inspiration for my own dorm. I'm not a big fan of bulletin boards, but I love these individual cork squares that can be hung in different ways on the wall.

Above: A belt creatively re-purposed as a curtain tie-back.

And now... since you're all probably wondering how much it cost to makeover this dorm space?


Can you believe that?!

For the full article from The Boston Globe, click here. For more photos and a breakdown of the costs, click here.



Hannah said...

this is so cute! i love it! i haven't had the experience of living in a dorm.

have you thought of doing a post on the must have back to school supplies? i keep seeing all these backto school clothing posts.

btw cute blog.

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