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Vintage Red Velvet Chairs

(above image: Beck's college apartment by chrisyourpants ) Here's a real apartment for you. I'm digging those vintage chairs with the plush red velvet upholstery. And they're in such nice condition. Amore.

Real Dorm With Canopy

My new Room in the Dorm ; D Originally uploaded by noofa_fahad Remember that post recently about DIY Canopies ? Well, this one (at right) does not appear to be DIY but rather a purchased canopy instead. I really love it with the white walls and white bedding. The little bits of color near the top and on the sheers are just darling. I think I've narrowed down the source. Can you guess it? Ikea . It's the Fabler Bed Canopy from the Kids' Section . Better yet... it's only $19.99. :D Amore.

Do-It-Yourself Bed Canopies

( susebraids ) Oh, if only each dorm came furnished with a massive, elegant canopy bed à la Marie Antoinette! Dorm beds happen to be a lot less fabulous... in fact, they lean quite toward the drab. My dorm room bed doesn't even come with a headboard! For me, the bed makes the bedroom. And although you are eating, studying, and hanging out in your dorm room... it is most importantly your bedroom. So let's get to work and feature some creative ways to give your bed a romantic canopy. What you'll need to transform student double mattresses into a luxurious crash pad: a few bucks, a lot of fabric, and a little imagination. Transform your bed into an ethereal, glistening getaway. I love how the Christmas lights glow against the sheer white fabric. All those pillows and the falling leaf bedding makes it sooo cozy. Click here for instructions and more photos of this lighted bed canopy. (from Furniture for Small Spaces , via Off the Wall )  The clean lines and fas

Sleep Pretty in Pink

Maybe you're roomie (as much as you love her) snores super loud? Or that kid down the hall blares his heavy metal music all night long? Or the frat down the street is hosting a noisy kegger? There are a number of things that can come between a college student and much needed sleep. Well, I have a completely natural sleep aid for you! Sleep Pretty in Pink ear plugs are super soft, surprisingly comfortable ear plugs that reduce noise by 32 decibels and are recommended by physicians. I've never been a fan of ear plugs. All of the ear plugs I'd ever felt were stiff little buggers that either wouldn't fit in my ear or hurt my ears. Not the case with these! These ear plugs are tiny, pink, and made of a super squish, memory-foam-like material. They're easy to put in, too. You simply roll them between thumb and forefinger until it is a small, tight cylinder. Then you insert it into the ear. The foam re-plumps itself, filling your ear, and blocking out noise. I

With a Can of Chalkboard Paint...

...You can do anything!! Okay, so maybe not anything . Unfortunately, it'll probably go against the contract to splash some black chalkboard paint on the walls of your dorm or apartment. But this paint is all the rage lately and creative people are coming up with more and more ideas on how and where to use it. Here are some of my favorites: (above: from Make blog, via Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh ) You can find old, worn-out classroom globes at most antique shops and thrift stores. And they're pretty cheap, too. The possibilities are as endless as your creativity. You can do like above and cover the globe in a coat of classic black chalkboard paint, or you could go wild using colored chalkboard paint. You could create your own world, paint a pretty pattern, whatever suits your fancy. (above: Pinch Design, via Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh ) Forget about bulletin boards and desktop calendars. This is a way cuter idea. Simply paint seven wooden squares with chalkboard p

2 Doses of Jet Guer

"Tropical, calm, revitalizing, fresh, preppy, cool, cozy." are the words the inhabitant uses to describe his space. Above: The workspace. I believe that the desk is simply a drafting table... aren't its clean, modern lines so pleasing to your eye? I love the shelf over the table. Since it's white it blends in with the wall and calls more attention to the items on display rather than the shelf itself. That glowing ball of light is just plain cool. And I'm loving the necklace draped around the little white bust's neck. Above: The bed. Okay, so there's a lot that I love here. First of all, I love the bed itself because it is a captain's bed. Captain's beds sit low on the floor and have drawers in the bottom. These drawers are perfect for out-of-season clothing or shoes. Next, I love how the bed is dressed. The black and white makes it simple and chic. I'm always a sucker for a canopy and this is no exception. Sheer white curtains

Purex Complete 3-in-1 Landry Sheets

Product: Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets Gone are the days of lugging your dirty clothes hamper, liquid detergent, liquid fabric softener, and box of dryer sheets up and down several flights of stairs from dorm room to basement laundry room! Okay... so you still have the hamper to lug, but in place of two bottles and a box you have this nifty little dispenser. These sheets really do make laundry easier. No more measuring. No more worrying about liquid getting on clothes and leaving those unsightly grease mark things. No more spillage. One sheet is detergent, softener, and anti-static. It's so easy. You throw in your clothes. Toss in a sheet. And wash. Then you transfer the clothes and sheet to the dryer and dry. That's it. I've been using these sheets this semester at college and I'm quite pleased. My clothes come out clean and fresh. My only complaint is that the fragrance isn't very strong. I love the strong scent of just-laundered clothes.

Arabian Nights | Dorm Ditto #9

( above and below dorm photos belong to Pleaides ) While browsing Flickr, I came across Pleaides' photos and found a dorm room that was definitely different. Pleaides loves the colors of the sunset and used rich crimson, orange, purple, wine, and gold tones in decorating the space. ( * ) The bed looks especially luxurious with its warm layers of color and plush pillows. ( ** ) Pleaides used what looks to be a fancy, shimmery shower curtain or window panel to close off the closet from the rest of the room. That blue lantern hanging to the left of the closet is the perfect touch! ( *** ) Pleaides calls the room "Indian-Moroccan-Bohemian" and it definitely gives off that vibe. She scavenged thrift stores, Ebay, and clearance tables at home decor shops to accessorize the room without breaking the bank. I like that pretty fabric draped over the desk. She created quite the romantic, Arabian-inspired space, huh? To create this look, it's a one-stop-shopping tr

Adriana Elisa | Your Dorm Room #2

(all images in this post belong to adriana.elisa ) Oh, it is a happy day! Why is that? Because I have some real dorm photos to share with you. Adriana Elisa so wonderfully decided to post pictures of her dorm to the Your Dorm Room group on Flickr. Thank you, darling! The first thing that caught my eye in this room was that gorgeous tapestry, which this dorm-decorator bought at a poster sale on campus. (My campus just had one of those poster sales, too. And now I wish I would've picked up one of the beautiful tapestries!) Also: that's a really nice dorm room. The walls are a softer, creamier color than harsh white. The carpet looks fluffy and clean. The window is in good shape. She's a lucky dorm-dweller. Here are her three favorite things: a leather Fossil bag, a "cheap-but-awesome axl tele", and and tweed Fender bronco. Here's a view of the desk area. Is it just more or does she have a HUGE room? Close-up of where the studying happens. I l